Memorial Mecha Monday: The Top 10 Gundam Characters Who Gave Their Lives in Combat

In honor of Memorial Day, this “Mecha Monday” will take a look at my 10 favorite characters in the Gundam franchise who gave their lives in combat.

10. Heine Westenfluss


Brave Heine was only around for a few episodes, then was cut down by Stella Loussier’s Gaia Gundam (although it was really Kira Yamato’s fault). He was a cool dude who even got to use the classic phrase, “This is no Zaku!”

9. Treize Khushrenada


Treize is an honorable and calculating soldier who allows himself to be killed by Wufei Chang, pilot of the Altron Gundam.

8. Sergei Smirnov


The “Wild Bear of Russia” lived a tormented life. He lost his wife and was never able to properly care for his son Andrei although he desperately wanted to. Andrei ended up killing him in an unfortunate misunderstanding; it was at this time Sergei apologized for not being there for him.

7. Schwarz Bruder/Kyoji Kasshu

The clone of the real Kyoji. He helps nurture Domon and prepare him for the fight against the Dark Gundam. He sacrifices himself in order for Domon to defeat the Dark Gundam once and for all…

6. Norris Packard

A dutiful soldier who fights to the very end against the 08th MS Team in order to protect Aina Saharin. He sees his duel with Shiro Amada as his final resting place.

5. Neil Dylandy (Lockon Stratos #1)

The first Lockon was one bad dude, who despite losing sight in his good eye, manages to hold off the crazed Ali al-Saachez and his Throne Zwei.

4. Jerid Messa


Jerid is really a sympathetic character. He loses many comrades to Kamille Bidan and is hellbent on revenge. However, this quest for revenge in turn causes him to kill many of Kamille’s friends/comrades/loved ones, and eventually he meets his end without accomplishing his goal.

3. Ramba Ral

The old war horse does whatever it takes to complete the mission. While he’s a kind soul at heart, he meets his end at the hands of Amuro Ray. Most famous for the phrase, “This is no Zaku boy! No Zaku!”

2. Amuro Ray and Char Aznable

The two eternal rivals both meet their ends at Axis, where they both come to realizations about each other’s motives and beliefs.

1. Sleggar Law

The original Gundam senpai badass type. Known for his slap heard around the world and his noble death against Dozle Zabi’s Big Zam. The above video is his death in the movies. I personally liked the t.v. version of his death better (with the G-Fighter).

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