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Back to anime this week, and I’m doing Mayo Chiki!. It’s a fun little series based off a light novel (what isn’t these days?) from last year. Animated by Studio Feel… I’ve never heard of them. I swear, I learn all of these random animation companies via my reviews. Anyway, looking at Feel, the only anime I watched that was mostly done by them is this year’s Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai, which… admittedly wasn’t very good. But I blame that more on the source material. Back to the topic at hand though, Mayo Chiki!. Honestly, it wasn’t really on my list to watch when the season it premiered in started, but I was recommended to it by a friend and I surprisingly enjoyed it. Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover, I guess (not that I won’t continue to do so, of course~).

Mayo Chiki! The title. Why is this the name..? Well, you'll just have to watch it to find out!

So Mayo Chiki’s a show about a guy. That’s mostly how they go, huh? His name is Sakamachi Kinjiro, and he is deathly afraid of girls due to a tragic past. But Mayo Chiki was never that serious, so his “tragic past” is something like his mother and sister beating him up when he was a child. As a result, he gets nosebleeds whenever a girl touches him. Yes, anime logic.

Anyway, he ends up finding out the secret of one of the butlers in his class (no it’s not a normal thing there’s just the one butler). It turns out the butler is a girl, and thus begins a series of wacky adventures in which Kinjiro has to protect the butler, Subaru’s, secret for various inane anime-logic reasons. But obviously, the plot’s not really what you’re here for… I hope.

Mayo Chiki! is a comedy show with some light romance and a lot of fanservice, and for the most part it handles those aspects fairly well. The pacing for the show is pretty good and the comedy is much better than I thought it’d be. While I watch/read a lot of things like Mayo Chiki! I usually don’t enjoy them that much because the humor is pretty tired and derivative and uninspired, but Mayo Chiki was surprisingly better than that. Not by a whole lot, but still enjoyable to watch. The plot doesn’t really get more intricate than Kinjiro protecting Subaru’s secret, and them being in a bunch of wacky situations having to do with that.

Jiro. He's kind of boring, and that facial expression is exceedingly common throughout the series, since the people around him generally act in a way that warrants that kind of expression.

So the characters are usually what make a comedy show. Their gimmicks and their personalities and how they interact, more than the situations themselves, are what a comedy show lives and dies off of. And luckily, Mayo Chiki! does that fairly well. Jiro is probably the weakest character… Which sounds bad, but his “straight man” character is necessary in most shows, and his character gets better when he interacts with others.

But then you reach the better characters pretty quickly. Starting with the second main character, as it were, Konoe Subaru. She’s a butler to one Suzutsuki Kanade, and pretends to be a man for various family reasons. Her personality is that of a very competent character, insofar as her butler duties are concerned.

However, she has an adorable side and there’s a ton of fanservice centered around her, so it’s kind of hard not to like her. I love when she puts glasses, it looks so cute. Moving on through, Suzutsuki Kanade. She’s Subaru’s master, and also quite awesome in her own right. She plays more of the devilish character and delights in getting both Subaru and Jiro into awkward situations, sometimes together. Definitely one of the best characters in the show, insofar as humor is concerned.

But Subaru, well, this is where it's at. She's adorable, and pretends to be a guy. This is her normal look, as a butler. Honestly, she does kind of look like a guy here, so I can see how the disguise worked for so long if it was just based on this.

I actually really enjoyed the art in this show. The girls all look cute, and the colors are bright and vibrant. Over all it’s nice on the eyes, and the fanservice certainly doesn’t hurt. If you’re going to watch this show, I’d recommend the blurays. Well, I would for most shows, but if you’re a fan of fan service (haha) you’re definitely in for a big treat watching the blu rays. I’m sorry I don’t have a comparison shot on hand (nor really the means to make one without a good deal of time) but it’s quite striking at several points.

Insofar as the animation is concerned… This is another one of those shows where animation isn’t really important. It looks smooth to me, but as always, this is nowhere near my area of expertise and I have no clue if it’s technically trash or not. The art is much more important to me, personally, and I think it looks great. That being said, I think know really awesome animation, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t it, so I guess on that front it loses points.

But glasses Subaru is best Subaru, clearly. Call her... Punyuru.

The music is easily the most disappointing part of this show, sadly. The opening theme is Be Starters! by Kitamura Eri, and… I’m not a fan, as you may have guessed. The opening animation is pretty lame too, but this kinda show usually has a boring opening animation. The ending theme is marginally better, and the animation is loads better. It features this really creepy bloody sheep that is for some reason the mascot of this show.

At first I was creeped out but it’s kinda grown on me and is rather cute. I don’t know what that says about me, but there you have it. The ending theme, for reference is Kimi ni Gohoushi, by Iguchi Yuka. They’re both, if I recall correctly, voice actresses, but VAs do anime themes quite often, so that’s nothing new. As for the BGM… unassuming, and nothing spectacular, yet again.

Rating Breakdown
Plot... Well, there isn't much of one. I think the relationship between Jiro and Konoe is the closest thing there is, and while that's cute in its own way, it doesn't make for a particularly compelling plot.
The characters however, this is where it's at. Konoe is adorable, Subaru is awesome, and Jiro is... there. There's others with their own gimmicks (though I think they're worse than Konoe and Subaru) and they keep the show fresh and exciting.
I like it. It looks nice, it's bright, and the character designs are cute.
It's... there? That's all I can really say. I can tell what's going on, and that's good enough for me. It could be better I guess, but I don't really mind it as is.
Awful. I don't like it.
The over all rating is rather average, but I think that Mayo Chiki is one of the better examples of shows in its genre. That being the romantic comedy (more comedy than romance in this one though).
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I write about anime and stuff. Giant robots are pretty cool, too.


I write about anime and stuff. Giant robots are pretty cool, too.

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