Review: Eureka SeveN – Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers

Hi, it’s been awhile but it’s Kaushik and I’m back for another review! This time it’s the blu-ray release of the Eureka SeveN movie, subtitled Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers. Now I’ve always been a huge fan of the original Eureka SeveN series; I love the growth of Renton from child to adult, the budding relationship between him and Eureka, and the fierce storm of events raging around them throughout the series. The movie however is a bit of a different beast, because it takes place in an alternate universe with a completely different plot. It uses the characters in similar ways, and some of the plot elements are similar, but a lot of things are changed around. Relationships are formed in new ways, and some major conflicts are quite different. Still, for a fan of the series there’s a lot of recognizable material. Now let’s get into the meat of it~

Eureka 7 Movie Cover

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

From the perspective of someone who’s familiar with the source material of Eureka SeveN, it’s interesting seeing just what is different and what is the same. A lot of considerations are made for the fact that this is a movie release rather than a full anime series. The original series is 50 22 minute episodes, whereas this is just one 115 movie. Understandably, there are a lot of things they cut short or railroad together for the sake of time. One notable example of this is the relationship between Renton and Eureka. I always saw this as one of the central focuses of the series, and similarly for the movie. However, unlike the anime series where the relationship develops over the course of many episodes, in the movie you are told, rather than shown, the relationship between the two. The term “childhood friend” implies a degree of closeness between the two that is easy to understand, without having the characters actually go through any scenes together. It’s a useful tool in order to establish a baseline relationship, but I think a lot is lost in defining a relationship this way.

Eureka 7 Movie Kids

Another major element of the movie I disliked was how the crew of the Gekko was handled. I think this is a position I hold mostly because I am so familiar with and such a fan of the original series. I’m used to certain versions of these characters, and I would consider the crew of the Gekko radically different in terms of their motivations (obviously) and how sympathetic they are to the viewer. It’s a big disconnect between the two versions of the characters I’m familiar with. I like what the movie did with the characters in theory; making them child experiments of Major General Dewey and subjected to rapid aging. It puts a lot of the decisions made by Holland and the crew into perspective, since they are mentally still children. I did find it hard to sympathize with Holland and his crew in this movie though, due to some of the moral decisions he made and how he decided to handle his fate up to the end. Still, I wouldn’t malign the movie in general just because of the portrayal of these characters.

Eureka 7 Movie Holland

Watching both the dub and sub of this movie, I have to say I enjoyed both. However, I find Johnny Yong Bosch’s job as Renton nostalgic, since I watched his Renton when I first watched the TV series as it aired on television. When I think of Eureka SeveN, the Funimation dub voices immediately come to mind and while I didn’t mind the sub voices (I actually prefer Koshimizu Ami’s Anemone, though she’s not featured prominently in the movie) the dub voices are what I’m used to and prefer. Moving into the music for the movie, Sato Naoki reprises his role from the TV series and I think he did a stellar job. I love his use of wind instruments in some of the softer tunes, for the slower-paced moments, and his large sweeping works are great for the notable events of the movie. I loved his work for the TV series and he did not disappoint for the movie.


Bones yet again picked up the art and animation for the movie, which should come as no surprise as they handled the original television release. They did a pretty good job with the movie, I have no complaints about the animation quality of the movie. The picture looked great, color choice vibrant and interesting. The action looked great, easy to follow and mostly fluid. Over all a very solid performance in terms of art and animation, though it was a bit too similar to the television series in terms of quality at points. I’d expect it to be a little better due to the smaller scale they would be working with.



As a huge fan of the original Eureka SeveN series (don’t bring up the sequel to me, please), there were things I really loved from this movie. I loved seeing familiar characters interact in some familiar ways (particularly Eureka and Renton). Still, I think the story the movie was trying to tell is not served well by the limitation of a movie, particularly its length. The TV series was served well by being 50 episodes, and while the plot was condensed quite a bit for the movie, I think it was still a little too much for 115 minutes.


— Great music

— The idea behind how the crew of the Gekko was handled is very interesting

— Larva Nirvash is cute~


— Dislike how certain characters and relationships were handled

— Animation quality sometimes a bit too similar to TV series (aka lower than it should be)

Rating: 3.5/5


Miscellaneous details:
Studio: Bones
Chief Director: Tomoki Kyoda
Character design: Kenichi Yoshida
Music: Sato Naoki
Original air: April 25, 2009

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I write about anime and stuff. Giant robots are pretty cool, too.


I write about anime and stuff. Giant robots are pretty cool, too.

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