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As with last year’s “Harbinger Wars,” Valiant Entertainment has found great success with their summer crossover, “Armor Hunters.” This week, the series’ third installment hit stands, and I eagerly snatched it up. With high hopes for this event, which has now passed the halfway point, I dived in Armor Hunters #3.

A cacophony of terror echoes across Earth as the Armor Hunters continue their relentless assault. Though their hounds have been dispatched, the alien soldiers still pose a major threat to humanity. Seeing no other recourse, Aric elects to surrender the armor to his foes, acknowledging that if this action will end the bloodshed, then it is the only logical action. Capshaw agrees to the idea, but with a few modifications.

Armor Hunters #3 floored me. To elaborate, it is, without a doubt, the single best issue of a Valiant comic released thus far, which is high praise for a company that continues to release the best comics on the stands. Robert Venditti has woven a complex story that continues to pull of narrative greatness: we’re treated to a tale of epic proportions that never forgets the human element. This issue is intensely moving as we watch Aric and Capshaw wrestle with personal failures, and view them come to terms with difficult decisions. Often, the lives of bystanders in fictional stories are treated with empathy for only a brief moment, but this issue never shies away from the wrenching horror of the destruction the human population faces in a war they never asked for. Furthermore, I loved that Livewire played a key role in this issue.

Armor hunters #3 hairsine variant cover

Of course, Armor Hunters #3 is not Valiant’s best work for the story alone. Artist Doug Braithwaite and colorist Laura Martin provide their best work to date as well. Braithwaite’s a master of infusing emotion into his characters’ faces and body language, making the aforementioned heavy moments all the more powerful. The scenes of an introspective Aric falling into tears was gripping. Furthermore, Braithwaite gives us an amazing scene as the Armor Hunters descend to Earth and begin to cause wanton destruction. Martin’s colors emphasize these moments, adding a solid backing to the visuals.

Armor Hunters #3 is the best single issue Valiant has released to date. It’s full of pathos and energy, exemplifying just how amazing this crossover is. For anyone who hasn’t read any part of this crossover, I encourage you to go back and pick it up from the start, while current fans of Valiant will no doubt be impressed with what they find within. Excitement is building as we move towards the final chapter next month (and the Aftermath issue in October), and this event promises an astounding conclusion.


-Amazing issue filled with emotion

-Exceptional artwork from Braithwaite and Martin

-Exciting action sequences

-Promises a strong conclusion


-A poor jumping on point (go back and read the previous issues)

Rating: 5/5


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