The Courtroom: 7 Nintendo Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

Nintendo has provided us with some incredible franchises over the years. However, some detractors criticize Nintendo’s milking of certain franchise characters. It’s no secret that Nintendo thrives on their AAA titles, and that many game companies do not take the risk of creating a new franchise. What can be done to remedy this ailment? Why not create some games centered around already established side characters? This would please both hardcore Nintendo fans, who would love to see moar beloved Nintendo icons in games outside of “party” ones, and those pessimistic non-Nintendo fans, who would no longer be able to say that all Nintendo does is rehash Mario and Zelda. Here are 7 characters I believe Nintendo should feature in their own games:

1. Meta Knight

Who wouldn’t want to see a Meta Knight game? Meta Knight did have a fun side game in the DS game remake of Kirby Super Star, but one of Kirby’s greatest rivals deserves his own game. It has long been hinted that Meta Knight is a member of Kirby’s species; I would love to see a game that would explore this rumor and how he became the Meta Knight we all love today.  The game could also feature some of his early conquering exploits as leader of the Meta-Knights, and his arrival at Dream Land. Gameplay would be like any other Kirby game: a side-scrolling adventure game.

2. Captain Falcon

It’s high time Nintendo’s other bounty hunter gets his own game. I would love to see a Captain Falcon action-adventure RPG. There would be an over-arching story, with various side stories and missions.  Gameplay would be similar to other 3rd person action-adventures games. Upgrades and buying things would be a big part of the game because what else would you do with all your hard earned bounty cash? Of course racing will still be part of the game, with perhaps one (or two) big story points involving him winning a race to proceed (think Blitzball from Final Fantasy X). Like Tidus and Blitzball, Falcon would be able to participate in races on the side, which would allow the player to earn extra cash and notoriety.

3. Falco Lombardi

Why not let Fox’s sidekick get a game? I would love to see a game set between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures, detailing his time as a solo pilot. As far as gameplay is concerned, I would love to see a mix of Arwing piloting and action-adventure, much like Star Fox: Assault (but with better on-foot controls). The final mission of this game would be Falco coming to the rescue of Fox in Star Fox Adventures, which would help explain his mysterious re-appearance.

4. Cranky Kong

The original Donkey Kong deserves his own action-adventure game. Why not create a game detailing Cranky’s adventures after fighting Stanley the Bugman (if you don’t know who this is, go look him up)? It would be interesting to see how Cranky ended up on Donkey Kong Island. I would also like to see who his son is, as the current Donkey Kong is his grandson.

5. Zelda

We need a game where Zelda is the actual protagonist. It would be an adventure game set during Ocarina of Time, but it would involve less combat and moar puzzle solving. But if you’re itching for combat, maybe a few appearances by Sheik would suffice. As far as story is concerned, since it’s set during the same time as Ocarina of Time, it would just feature Zelda doing her thing during while Link is busy doing his. What the hell did she do all that time Link was collecting medallions? I’d love to know, and so would you.

6. Impa

 Art by: VanEvil

Zelda’s guardian in Ocarina of Time would make a great protagonist in my opinion. The Sheikah were a secretive tribe that protected Hyrule, and a game focusing on these magical beings would be awesome. Think Assassin’s Creed Zelda style. I don’t think the game should be set during Ocarina of Time, as there’s not enough material to make a whole game about her. But a standalone title in a different Zelda universe where the Sheikah were still prominent would be ideal.

7. Professor Oak

C’mon, you know you want a game focusing on the Professor Oak. The guy who made the Pokedex deserves his own game. A game similar to all the other Pokemon games in terms of gameplay but with a young Oak as the main character would please fans everywhere. I wonder what Kanto looked like during Oak’s time? I can see it now: Pokemon Oak Version. Do it Nintendo.

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  1. Let's see:

    Meta-Knight the game: Why not? He's been a Player 2 character for far too long so he does deserve a starring role one of these days.

    Falco starring in a Starfox midquel sounds good to me.

    F-Zero, the RPG. The fact Nintendo took this much effort to give EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 50+ RACERS (Since F-Zero GX/AX) gives them enough reason to go deeper in the F-Zero universe. Besides, I'm still bummed we never got an F-Zero game on the Wii. Hopefully F-Zero will reemerge either on the 3DS or Wii-U.

    A New-gen Donkey Kong Sr. game, eh? Sure, why not? As for DK Jr, the debate on whether he is Cranky's son or not continues.

    A legend of Zelda game starring Zelda: As far as I'm concerned, this is my #1 pick on a list like this. Besides, Zelda is my pick for #1 hottest Nintendo babe. Yeah, big tits aren't enough to make me go gaga for Samus. Zelda is 10 times more beautiful. Hmm, Impa and Zelda, side by side. Oh yeah.

    Prof Oak: So the original Pokemon researcher is your favorite, is he? Well, I like him more than Ash. Aside from Max, I like everyone more than Ash.

    • P.S. Please do not ever mention the atrocious CD-i games in my presence.

    • I dunno, I still like Samus moar than Zelda lol. Been a big Metroid fan all my life; it's my favorite Nintendo franchise. I love beating the original game; I try to beat my time every playthrough. Zero Mission was a nice modern update.

  2. Zelda has had her own game a couple of times bro.

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