Silverwolf’s Den Special: Ame-Comi Girls I: Wonder Woman #1

A few years ago, DC started a new line of collectible figurines known as Ame-Comi featuring their superheroines and villains rendered in a style influenced by Japanese Manga and Anime. These figures proved wildly popular and as a result DC decided to start a digital comic series called Ame-Comi Girls. The series started today and will be released digitally every Monday. I personally prefer print comics, but I just couldn’t pass up the chance to see what this series is about. DC put a strong creative team on Ame-Comi, and with so much invested there’s a lot of potential here.

The Ame-Comi figure line consists of dozens of different characters from Power Girl to Harley Quinn to gender-swapped versions of Cyborg and Brainiac. As a result, DC plans for this comic to consist of multiple arcs, each one focusing on a different character before bringing them all together in order to take down a major villain. This issue focuses on Wonder Woman, perhaps the most recognizable female superhero in existence. The plot revolves around the Amazons’ island home, Themyscira, which the United States government has placed under surveillance. Colonel Steve Trevor informs the president and his associates of an impending attack on the island by the nation of Kasnia and suggests the US aid the Amazons, but the president wants no part of it. Meanwhile, on the island itself, spoiled princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman) trains with several minotaurs against her mother’s wishes. As a result, she is forced to stay in the palace just as the Kasnian forces arrive to invade Themyscira.

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti co-wrote the script for this issue. I’ve seen their work before on DC’s All-Star Western and a lot of the positive things from that title are apparent here: great dialogue that adds to the plot, clever banter, and hardcore one-liners. They portray Wonder Woman in a very novel way: she’s more brash and hot-headed here than in her standard appearances, and I think this change gives this title something fun for fans. The only downside is that there’s nothing insanely spectacular or exciting about the plot, but it’s possible there could be some great twists and turns later. A lot has been set up in this issue, and I feel if Gray and Palmiotti can keep up this pacing we’re all in for a real treat.

The Ame-Comi Wonder Woman Figure: You can clearly see its influence on the artwork above

Amanda Conner is Ame-Comi‘s artist. Her drawings are exceptional and skillfully transfer the style of the figurines to the pages. The action scenes are exciting, but I was intrigued even in the dialogue scenes thanks to both great character design and the superb coloring courtesy of Paul Mounts. The color work also seemed very reminiscent of anime: strong colors, lots of contrast, and few shadows. The art for this comic is equal to or even superior to much of the penciling I’ve seen in comics over the last few months. Even so, I feel that some people may find the style too cartoony or be put-off by the anime influences, but for me neither of these things are a problem.

Ame-Comi Girls I: Wonder Woman #1 is a fun read that I enjoyed and I think others will as well. This is my first real foray into a digital comic, but it read just fine on my Android; some really great things have been done by comixology to make digital comics a breeze to read and enjoy. Even so, I think I’ll always prefer print, but given that this title may not ever see print (or if it does not for a few months), I think those who are interested should check it out now. If you’re on the fence, however, my advice would be to wait until another issue or two comes out before diving in, just to see how the story progresses. Is this series mind-blowing? No, but it’s certainly enjoyable. All in all, I think this issue is great to check out, and with a 99 cent price tag it’s worth the cost.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Brett Simon is a twenty-two year old comic enthusiast. He’s actually waiting for the Power Girl Ame-Comi comic series that’s coming in a few months.

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