Silverwolf’s Den: Demon Knights #10

I’ve talked a big game about Demon Knights in the past, and so I’ve decided it’s finally time to regularly review the issues of this DC hit which sadly flies under the radar most of the time. I’ve loved this series since day one, and every month look forward to it more than any other title. With things heating up even more as the team travels to Avalon, did this issue continue the run of quality seen in previous issues?

The team heads inland after fighting a sea monster, making their way towards Avalon and the ruins of Camelot in their quest to revive Merlin. Along the way, they hear tell of great beasts that came from Camelot, and it’s not long before they’re confronted by a monstrous wolf. Soon afterward, the companions meet a familiar face (for some) in the guise of a zombified King Arthur, but this Once and Future King possesses a dark magic the team is unprepared to face.

Paul Cornell continues to provide the readers with high quality writing in this latest installment. It’s really amazing how he can temper truly powerful and even frightening scenes with humor, often times within the same panel! The idea of pirates riding a sea monster is quite awesome, as is the way he connects the alternate histories experienced by Shining Knight, Xanadu, and Jason Blood to their present day locale. I also am quite fond of Arthur’s appearance as, to my knowledge, there’s no precedent for an undead King of the Britons. There weren’t as many epic one-liners this time around, but given the stellar writing provided it really would’ve just been bonus points for Cornell.

Diogenes Neves provides us with excellent artwork throughout Demon Knights #10. He expertly draws the giant monsters the team faces and creates some amazing battlefield scenes. This issue probably has the most amazing panel from any comic in this run as we get to see Vandal Savage punch out a sea serpent! Oclair Albert is joined on inking duty by Julio Ferreira this time, and it’s difficult to tell where one’s work ends and the other’s begins: Albert has been great since the first issue, and it’s a testament to Ferreira that his work moves in seamlessly with his partner. As always, Michael Choi provides us with an exciting and memorable cover (check it out above). I have to say I continue to be a huge fan of this art and can’t wait to see what the team will develop next.

Demon Knights #10 is a must-read for anyone following the series. There isn’t as much character development this time, but this issue sets up what promises to be some monstrous revelations and exposition next time. The issue isn’t a great jumping on point, but you can begin with Issue #9 and then move right along to this release. I seriously cannot express how great everything here is; I really think its a shame that more people aren’t reading this series, especially since it’s so expertly done and can appeal to people who normally aren’t fans of the medieval fantasy genre. Never before have I read something that continues to top itself and surprise me month after month. So don’t wait; go out and read Demon Knights today!

Rating: ★★★★★

Brett Simon is a twenty-two year old comic enthusiast. Arthur may be King…but Etrigan sure didn’t vote for him!

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