Laevatein Goes to New York Comic Con 2012, Or How Waiting In Line for Firefly Panels Is Always Worth It

[Note: as you may know, I have no photo-taking equipment, so don’t expect any pictures.]

Hey everyone, Laevatein here, with another exciting con blog.  This time, it’s NYCC 2012.  I should start off by saying that I was only able to go on Saturday.  Also, I barely saw anything anime related.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to see much gaming stuff, either.  I got to try out the Wii U.  While the controller felt a little awkward at first, it starts feeling quite natural.  To be honest, I was worried I’d snap it in half, but the controller feels quite sturdy. Still, I’m not too keen on the face buttons, but I guess that’s something to get used to.  The two Wii U games I played were Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Tank! Tank! Tank!  I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before, but I thought it’d be similar to Dark Souls.  Boy, was I mistaken.  While I never quite grasped what I was doing, in an intense action game like Monster Hunter, I never found myself really fighting the controls or anything.  I thought the controller felt like a natural fit, which is a pretty good testament to the actual viability of the Wii U controller.  T!T!T! felt more like an older arcade game rather than something that could be released today.  It was pretty fun, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the full purchase.

That being said, most of my time at NYCC was spent sitting inside the IGN theater waiting for the Firefly panel.  Not the most productive con experience, but I suppose I wouldn’t have done much else, otherwise.  I wasn’t too thrilled by the guest list, and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see any of the guests I did like.  I suppose I could have spent all day playing Wii U, but the lines for some of the games were insanely long.  Though the line for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was one of the shortest, it was still kind of long.  I was hoping to play The Wonderful 101, but after seeing tweets of people waiting for four hours just to play it, I decided to do something else.

Anyway, the first five hours or so of waiting in the IGN theater was seriously uneventful.  I know I wasn’t exactly there for any of the events, but you’ll have to excuse me for only remembering the Walking Dead and Evil Dead remake panels (funny that both have dead in their names, now that I think about it).  Anyway, Evil Dead was pretty memorable for Bruce Campbell coming out and being an all-around swell guy (at one point, he was so impressed by one girl’s comment, that he took out $5 from his wallet, gave it to her, and kissed her on the hand!).  Still, I couldn’t help but feel that the other cast members looked left out, as most of the questions were fielded by Bruce.  As for the Walking Dead panel, I remember seeing a teaser trailer for season 3, but everything else flew over my head in one way shape or form.  As you can imagine, I’m not the biggest fan of the show (or even a fan of the show).

However, the Firefly panel was… simply spectacular.  What I thought was going to be a preview for a documentary became something far more enjoyable than anyone could have guessed.  You see, part of the panel was discussion about the upcoming Firefly 10th Anniversary TV special, entitled ‘Browncoats Unite’.  Jewel Staite and Sean Maher were there, too, so it was already looking to be quite a fun panel.  However, Nathan Fillion soon called in, and graced us with his voice.  Looking fantastic so far, is what I thought.  After a preview of the TV special, we soon got tons of “static” from Fillion’s end, but perhaps the best thing ever happened next.  Fillion actually made another surprise appearance!  This time, in person!

As you can expect from a Firefly reunion, it was pretty great.  Everyone was still very amusing and charming.  A select quote from Fillion may illustrate this perfectly: “Nothing says I respect your work like ‘Take it off!'”.  The panel itself was also quite informative.  For instance, Nathan mentioned how his role felt quite smooth and natural, as everyone already treated him like the captain.  Additionally, Staite mentioned how Joss Whedon was really angry when the show got canceled.  Another clip of the special indicated how the show often reflected what was going on in the Firefly production stu family, such as the show’s cancellation finding its way into the show.  One fan asked about a potential continuation of some sort, mentioning the every growing Kickstarter.  Fillion went for a realistic answer at first, but proceeded to tease an animated series.  The cast mentioned how it’d be different to do one of those, as they won’t be able to fool around with the props and stuff (though Staite said she’d still be in costume).

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never been to a Firefly panel, but I thought this one was quite amazing.  It seemed as if everyone was super close and actually part of that Firefly family.  I may be biased when I’m saying that, but I’d like to think that what I just mentioned is true.  After all, the fans are well aware of the shows’ ups and downs; I would imagine that the hard times brought everyone a lot closer together than the status quo.  I saw Nathan Fillion wish some fan’s father a very happy birthday, and take a picture with him (somewhat, the guy wasn’t there, but that’s okay!).  I saw Jewel Staite bring a cute cosplayer on stage, who proceeded to break down in tears of joy.  Hell, I saw one of the best damned toasts ever.

Overall, I actually came out of Comic Con this year pretty damned excited.  In fact, I’ve never come out of Comic Con this happy.  While I certainly didn’t see quite as much this NYCC as I have previous years, I came out with a much better experience.  I suppose this reinforces the idea that Comic Con shouldn’t be just about going to places and seeing things, but it should be more about connecting fans together.  Basically, Comic Con should be about getting the big ol’ families together again, or to cultivate new ones where they currently don’t exist.

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