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Last month I checked out Shadowman #1, the first issue of Valiant Entertainment’s relaunch of their mystical New Orleans based hero. I really enjoyed the comic which lived up to the hype surrounding Valiant’s revival. With high hopes I dived into the second issue of this comic which focuses on magic, mayhem, and spirits from beyond. How did the second issue of Shadowman check out?

Shadowman #2 shows Jack Boniface’s first exploration of his powers as Shadowman. Jack didn’t actually become Shadowman until the end of the previous issue, meaning this is the first time we get to see him cut loose with his occult abilties. His first opponents are a pair of cops who’ve been corrupted by the vile Mr. Twist, herald of the evil mastermind Darque. With the help from his new allies, Dox and Alyssa, Jack beats Twist’s minions. His new friends also begin to explain his purpose and powers. Meanwhile, Mr. Twist and Darque are intiating their own schemes to bring down Shadowman and his accomplices.

As much as I enjoyed the first issue’s writing, this time Patrick Zircher and Justin Jordan really knock it out of the park. One of my problems with the previous issue was lack of explanation, but this time we receive that in spades. I liked how Dox explained the Valiant Universe’s system of magic in a scientific way. This choice added a cool layer that, on some level, made the mystical happenings feel more believable since they have concrete rules. Of course, the issue didn’t give away everything, which is good as it leaves me itching to find out more about Shadowman’s abilities. The exploration of the characters was deeper this time around, too, and I’m really liking the banter between Alyssa and Dox. I still don’t feel too invested in or connected to Jack himself, though I definitely sympathize with his plight.

“Cars! My only weakness!”

Patrick Zircher’s stellar art continues to shine in this issue. The fight scenes at the beginning of the comic were downright gorgeous and Mr. Twist’s appearences later on were also great. The alternate dimension where we see Darque is beautifully crafted as well, appearing at once inviting and macabre. Honestly, I cannot complain whatsoever about the art: it’s immensely high-quality and compliments the story without flaw. If nothing else, just looking at a few pages should be enough to show someone why this comic is a must-read.

Shadowman #2 is a comic that I really enjoyed. A combination of fantastic writing and superb art make for a winning combination. I’ve got to hand it to Valiant for making such a great comic, and I urge everyone (yes, everyone) to give this series a shot.


-amazing plotline that explains more about the cool magic system in the Valiant Universe

-absolutely stellar art

-great characterization and character interaction


-Jack still isn’t receiving enough attention despite being the protagonist

Rating: 5/5

Brett Simon is a twenty-three year old comic enthusiast. He’s pretty sure Inverseman and Dox could be best friends.

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