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Back in 2011, I had the pleasure of interviewing Independent Comic Creator Graig Weich around the time of New York Comic Con. I recently got in touch with Mr. Weich again to conduct a follow-up interview and see just how far he’s come since we last spoke. Read on to see the interview with this passionate comic creator!

Note: All images are courtesy of Graig Weich and Beyond Comics.

Silverwolf: Since we spoke over a year ago, what new projects have you been working on?

Graig Weich: It’s amazing how much has happened in the last year… first off, we just launched this:
CONTEST: You could appear in one of our next comic books and movies, enter here:

Next, I auditioned and got the walk-on, on camera role as one of Bane’s Thugs in the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, it was amazing! How many people can say they got thrown against the Batmobile tumbler (laughs). When Christian Bale walked on set dressed as the Dark Knight, I turned into a five-year-old (laughs). I was so excited. Through all that, I partnered up with the amazing visionary Brandon Wilson on our new comic book Gekido. We are currently featured on Ice-T and Coco’s TV show: Ice Loves Coco on E! Entertainment Television, seen here:

Weich’s appearence in The Dark Knight Rises (you can see him dead center, to the right of the man with the red bandana)

Silverwolf: How was your experience at New York Comic Con 2012? What did you like about this year’s con? What could’ve been better?

Graig Weich: Nothing could’ve been better. It was an absolute dream come true for me. All those years of hard work paid off. I spent over 6 months making that all happen, going up to 36 hours without any sleep straight. To actually have TV star models Coco and Amercia’s Next Top Model VH1 Star: Adrianne Curry, who not only appear as our characters in our comic book Gekido, but also to have them actually sitting on each side of me at my table at Comic Con was surreal!  Coco to my Right, Adrianne to my Left. I love my job!!!

Gary Dell’Abate AKA Baba Booey has a cameo in our comic book Gekido as the ninja too and we even got featured on the Howard Stern Show:
That was another dream come true, to actually get featured on the Stern show for my work was something I’ll never forget. I got all these deals and press myself, no agent or manager got it for me, I did. I personally reached out and broke down doors to make this happen. So for an independent artist/writer like myself to push beyond the limits of imagination and make ideas a reality is why I named my studio Beyond Comics and I hope it inspires other independent artists to try and make their heroic dreams a reality too.


Silverwolf: Tell us a little about your new comic Gekido. What’s it about? Where do you see the series going? When is it released?

Graig Weich: It is available now. Gekido is a true mix of East meets West, a US Anime hero for all. He is a timeless anti-hero, he himself is searching for answers to uncover his past and he is thousands of years old. He is both good and evil as one, but he knows one thing for sure: he hates ninjas… and they hate him. He is one of the last of his clan. He is like the 007 of heroes. Never without a lady by his side, either as his lover or his opponent! He must do more than avenge the death of his friends, but stop the war from coming while traveling through Japan and New York in an all out battle for survival!   I’m currently working on Issue #2 of Gekido with co-creator/writer: Brandon Wilson. You can get the signed comic now (while supplies last) at: www.BeyondComics.TV

A scene of the hero Gekido, star of Weich’s new series.

Silverwolf: What projects does Beyond Comics have on the horizon?

Graig Weich: Here is a link to see my work and my appearence on Comic Book Men on AMC and to see my new heroes:
Also, my first gig in comics was when Todd Mcfarlane hired me on the spot to draw a double page spread for Spawn issue #30, my first paid Comic Book gig!
I just saw Todd last week when he was visiting here in NY, he has a new book, the Art of Todd Mcfarlane. Spawn will hopefully be making a cameo in my two new comic books Code Name: Justice and Ravedactyl , I am thrilled to say! Those books won’t be out for a while though, a lot to do for us independent artists to prep. I’ll post a video he and I made soon, just Subscribe to my  page for updates.
Here is a little about these two new titles…

Code Name: Justice:
From the ashes of tragedy rises a new vigilante… CODE NAME: JUSTICE. Shrouded by corruption and conspiracy theories, the world will be threatened by a doomsday terrorist cult planning world domination. JUSTICE wears a global flag on his chest to represent the fight for world peace! One ordinary man, a failed musician, who lost his family in the World Trade Center disaster, will unleash his own brand of justice and decode the mystery behind the new corruptions to uncover the truth to save the world, while facing his biggest demon of all — himself.

An ancient Artifact that holds the secrets to the unknown, will be thrust upon a struggling comic book artist, unlocking 100% of his brain and transforming him into a human-weapon of armorized power called Ravedactyl, to stop the return of mythological-like creatures known as G.A.H. (Genetically Altered Humans) from taking over the world, Ravedactyl, must uncover the buried secrets to our past, present and future to save humanity and life as we know it, in a hidden war, that will forever be known as: RAVEDACTYL: Life Beyond Death.

Lastly, I just want to thank all the fans who came out to support us at COMIC CON! We have a lot of plans in the works! To be continued…

Silverwolf: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got in store in the future!

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