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Greetings, pitiful fleshlings! I, the great Lord Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons, have hijacked the pitiful meatbag silverwolf’s “column.” While that fool planned to write about another inferior human known as “Green Arrow” he was unable to obtain a copy of his latest tale! Bah, exactly as I planned! The world must know of my exploits!

Transformers Spotlight: Megatron is a one-shot comic that details my experiences after returning from the grave to lead my beloved Decepticons. During the interim, my useless lackey Starscream managed to fail spectacularly, leaving my legacy in ruins. I spend time surveying my shattered dominion before confronting Starscream about his innumerable failures, culminating in an inevitable combat in which he could not even dream of triumph.

Though Nick Roche is a mere fleshling, he succeeds in capturing my essence both in story-telling and artistry. His chronicalling of my return is entertaining and he accurately explores my complex and powerful persona. His use of narration helped tie the story together well, and reveal my suspicion and grudging respect for my Decepticon underlings. Seeing my troops so demoralized and disheartened would fill any reader with thoughts of remorse, even though my minions and I are often depicted as the antagonists in the War for Cybertron. My interactions with Starscream are quite interesting and reveal just how much he has failed not only me, but also our people.

Transformers Spotlight Megatron Cover R1

Behold, another image of my glory!

Roche’s image work is perfect. He shows me as the mighty leader I am, and my scenes are nothing short of inspiring. One scene that touched one even as regal as I involved a poor Decepticon, wounded by those savage Autobots, wondering how he could fire a weapon while lacking hands. Roche portrays my damaged underlings well: they are a stark contrast to the mighty warriors they once were and would clearly have lost all hope without my return. The conflict between myself and Starscream is illustrated expertly as well: the juxtaposition of my invincible personage and his pitiful form is a pleasure to behold. Len O’Grady’s coloring work is superb as well (for a human, anyway); he does excellently work balancing drab metallic hues with brighter shades.

Humans, by now it must be clear that Transformers Spotlight: Megatron is worth reading! You may fear not understanding continuity, but what does one require save for basic knowledge of my army’s plight? Waste no time with your trifles, rush to your latest retailer and obtain this issue lest you find yourself as an enemy of the Decepticons!


-a gripping tale of Megatron’s return as leader of the Decepticons!

-wonderful art depiciting Megatron’s glory!

-an exciting battle between the glorious Megatron and the pitiful Starscream!


-without knowledge of the Transformers, one might be confused




Megatron is a several thousand year old Decepticon Warlord. He has permitted silverwolf to reclaim his column starting next week, and assures you that silverwolf endorses the above statements. 

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