Mecha Monday: 10 Reasons Why Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Sucked

DISCLAIMER: Please notice the date of this post. For all you troglodytes, it’s April Fool’s.

1. The main character is a wimp.


Seriously, why did it take so long for Simon to grow the f*ck up? Be a man dude.

2. The best character dies.


Kamina, the most manly badass character, dies way early in the series, leaving the wimp to carry the rest of the show.

3. The lead female is all tits.

Some sexy Yoko art

Some sexy Yoko art

Yoko prances around in a bikini top and tight shorts. The view is always focused on her bodacious bouncing breasts. And to top it all of, every Yoko cosplayer ever cosplays her for the attention. You’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

4. The mechs look stupid.

Easter Island has come to life!

Easter Island has come to life!

The entire body of most of the mechs is a giant face! How practical is that?

5. The Beastmen.


These guys are pathetic. Just another way to please the furries.

6. The Anti-Spiral.


Worst main antagonist. He’s nothing but a bloviating blob.

7. The show expands to galactic proportions…literally.


Waaay over the top man. Just no.

8. Rossiu.

This guy...almost ruined the series.

This guy…almost ruined the series.

Need I say more? This little f*ck almost ruined the show single-handedly.

9. Episode 4.


WTF. That is all.

10. The entire series is nothing but a devious message meant to empower men and suppress women.


Drills. Piercing the heavens. A ship that resembles a penis. A female lead who has no substance, only tits. These are all ways this show attempts to explain that men are superior to women. Copious amounts of phallic symbols and imagery with a nonstop supply of Yoko objectification and fanservice. Anita Sarkeesian would be proud of my (overreaching) analysis.

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  1. How about 10 reasons why fuck you?

    • Ah I was waiting for the first idiotic comment to appear. Since you sorely lack reading comprehension (and general intelligence in general), it's an April Fool's joke. Now please go crawl under a rock.

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  3. I’m here to agree with you, but you forgot one thing. Episode 8. That entire episode was an endless series of “Wtf, why? Who wrote this piece of shit?”

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