Silverwolf’s Den: Demon Knights #21

Demon Knights #21

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DC recently announced that the medieval fantasy series Demon Knights ends with Issue #23. While I’m saddened (and a bit embittered) by this turn of events, I’ll be damned if I let it stop me from reviewing the remaining issues of this awesome series. The last issue started a new arc involving a quest for the Holy Grail, Sir Ystin’s ultimate goal. Does this installment uphold the series’s high quality?

Demon Knights #21 finds our heroes nearing the fabled Holy Grail. Since way back in Issue #4, we’ve known that reclaiming the grail is Sir Ystin’s ultimate quest. An old spell from Merlin leading to the Grail means only a few members of the team can chase after it. When two are finally selected, they enter a room full of numerous mystical artifacts and treasures, only to meet a duo of monsters guarding the hoard. Can our heroes escape with the grail? And to what lengths will one Demon Knight go in order to fulfill his wishes?

As usual, Demon Knights provides a wonderful story full of action, suspense, and comedy. I especially liked that writer Robert Venditti gave Jason Blood more of a role in this issue; in the past, he’s been relegated to a supporting figure, but in this issue we see Jason is both clever and possesses some mystical powers learned from Merlin. I also like that Venditti elaborated upon the relationship between Ystin and Exoristos, something that was hinted at in the past but not fully explored. Furthermore, while I admit I wasn’t fond of Chad Hardin’s art in the previous issue, I feel he came into his element with this installment. The treasure room and its guardians looked awesome, and his work on the various characters’ armor and weaponry is great. Though inker Wayne Faucher’s work isn’t present on every page, those that possess his touch are truly better looking.


Jason proves he’s got some skills in this page from the issue

I honestly have only two problems with this issue. The first is that, while I feel Hardin’s art is better than in Issue #20, I still don’t like the way he draws the faces of the human characters. For instance, I feel Exoristos and Xanadu look too similar, which doesn’t fit with either their characterizations or appearences in previous issues. The second fault is that, while the Holy Grail is recovered, we don’t get to see it. I’m sure Venditti is building to a big reveal for the grail in the remaining two chapters, but it still would’ve been nice to have a quick look here.

Ultimately, Demon Knights #21 is a solid issue, continuing the high quality of the series. Its cancellation is definitely a shame and will leave a void in my pull list (and my heart) but I’m glad the creative team continues to give their all in each issue. The series is definitely on track to ending epically, and I’m glad there are still two issues for me to savor. If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to pick up all the back issues of this series and read the whole thing.


-a great story with awesome moments of action, excitement, and humor

-cool art

-story that further develops the series’s earlier plot threads


-some characters’ faces look strange

-we don’t actually get to see the Holy Grail



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