Anime Boston 2013 Recap


Anime Boston 2013 came and went, and like 2012, this year’s con was very enjoyable. I spent most of my time this year interviewing guests and attending industry panels. The three big names I had an opportunity to talk to at their respective press panels were voice actresses Cherami Leigh, Lauren Landa, and Stephanie Sheh. After transcribing last year’s press panel with Kirk Thornton, I’ve learned not to transcribe something that long anymore. Instead, you can check out what questions were asked by me and the other press members in the audio files below. 

Cherami Leigh (Twitter) – Click here to listen!

Lauren Landa – Click here to listen!


Stephanie Sheh (Twitter) – Click here to listen!


I also went to a few panels that weren’t industry related this year as well. Here’s my rundown for them.

Fate/Zero English Dub Premiere

  • Pretty self-explanatory, the first two episodes were screened. From what I can tell, Aniplex has done a great job with the dub. Kari Wahlgren, who was in attendance, does a great job as Saber. Jamieson Price as Rider also stood out.

Strike Witches: Beyond the Pantsu

  • This panel was pretty amazing. I always thought Strike Witches was nothing more than fanservice and pantsu. This panel convinced me otherwise.
  • The host was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. He’s a friend of Charles Dunbar’s, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise.
  • Some things I learned: all the neuroi are based on actual aircraft. The Focke-Wulf Triebflugel was the one that really stood out. Also, the Spanish Civil War phrase ¡No pasarán!, if said quickly and enough times, can be interpreted as “No pants are on” (get it?).
  • Grade: A

Michiko to Hatchin Viewing

  • A sneak peek of the first four episodes of the dub! This show was great, and I’m surprised more people haven’t heard about it. Director Christopher Bevins was extremely excited in bringing the show to the West.
  • Let me just say Monical Rial as Michiko did an AMAZING job. She sounds nothing like her usual self in this show. I can’t wait for the release later this Fall.

Naughty Custom Art and the People Who Love It (18+)

  • 18+ panels are usually hilarious. And this one was no exception.
  • The host was Robert Quill, an illustrator. Although it seems he has a sketchy rep (just Google his name), his stories about naughty commissions made me laugh out loud (along with the rest of the attendees).
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