Review: Frozen

Disney has returned once again, and they brought with them the chill of winter. Seriously, the past two weeks have been below 35 degrees here in New York. Maybe Elsa is having another meltdown after the premiere of her new movie, Frozen.


Frozen is Disney’s take on the Danish folk tale The Snow Queen, a tale about an ice sorceress who covers the land in eternal winter. As with most Disney adaptations, it has been cleaned up from its original version, yet it seems this particular tale came out for the better, as is the same with Disney’s previous CG princess tale, Tangled. Some may say that this film suffers from the same tired tropes that have plagued Disney films for decades. These tropes range from the “off screen dead parents” to the “true loves first kiss conquers all” scenario. Though honestly, you will be pleasantly surprised at how Disney has take these time worn tropes, and turned them on their heads.

The story centers around the sisters Anna and Elsa, the sister princesses of Arendelle. Elsa was a child born with the magical powers to manipulate ice and snow, and as she continued to grow up, her powers grew more and more powerful. Their parents worked hard to conceal Elsa’s magic from the world, and even her sister Anna, for fear that the world will fear and reject her *cough*mutant*cough*. The beginning of the movie reminds me of Pixar’s UP, in that we are given a fast paced, yet full story of the lives of these two sisters and how they begin to drift away from one another, when suddenly tragedy strikes, leaving them broken and unsure of what to do.


The setup for the main story is that Princess Elsa has come of age, and after the death of their parents, is to be crowned Queen of Arendelle. However, when Anna tries to marry the first prince that comes her way at the coronation ball, in typical Disney Princess fashion, Elsa refuses. Upset with her sister’s decision, Anna protests, causing Elsa to lose control of her powers. When her magic is revealed to the Kingdom, she is hated and feared *cough*X-Men*cough* by the leaders of the neighboring lands who were invited as guests to the royal occasion. Fearful for her life, she flees the city, casting it into an eternal winter. Now it is up to Anna to reason with her sister and bring an end to the ice that cloaks the land.


Between the insanely beautiful visuals that the CG animation uses to bring the Icy world of Frozen to life, and the amazing musical sections sung by Kristen Bell (Anna), and Idina Menzel (Elsa), this story is nothing short of beautiful. And the visuals are not the only thing that come off as well polished in this film, the characters and story are exceptionally well written and fleshed out. Everyone from the blatant Duke of Weaseltown, to the rather surprising Prince Hans, to the unbelievably relatable Kristoff.


Each character that is focused upon has a purpose being in this film, which is honestly an amazing feat, considering that Disney has made movies where even the tea cups are given a hefty amount of screen time and characterization. And yes, I am saying that even THAT character that you’ve all seen in the advertisements has a purpose in the film. I wont tell you exactly WHY Olaf the snowman exists, but trust me when I say, that when you see him, you will understand his actual IMPORTANCE to the story, and what he symbolizes for the sisters Anna and Elsa.


Honestly, if you have been waiting for a truly SPECTACULAR Disney Princess film, you need look no further than Frozen. I feel with this film DIsney has officially began a second renaissance of animated classics the likes of Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. Go see it at the theaters, take your significant other, and enjoy a chillingly heartwarming film that I believe has earned a place on the shelf with the rest of your Disney classics.


-Your classic Disney love story with a self aware twist

-A tale of two sisters trying to reconnect after forcefully separating themselves from one another

-Beautiful scenery brought to life by Disney CG Magic

-Spectacular musical numbers on par with that of broadway shows such as WICKED (courtesy of  Idina Menzel’s stellar voice work.)



Rating: 5/5


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