Review: Teen Titans GO! #1

As many of you know, I am a BIG fan of Marvel comics, as my comic reviews are almost exclusively all based around Marvel’s comic universe. What I have NOT made abundantly clear through this site is how much I f@#$ing despise DC Comics.

I’m sure you are all aware of DC’s menagerie of bad decisions over that past few years, starting with the New 52, and most recently with their quite RISQUE Harley Quinn artwork talent contest. Overall, I have NOT been happy with DC’s decisions as of late. Though, for the longest time, I believed that they at least had ONE thing up on Marvel. It seemed they were the KING of animated superhero TV shows. For years, they dominated with the power of shows like Batman TAS, Justice League, and Teen Titans. In recent years they even created what I considered my all time favorite cartoon series on Cartoon Network, YOUNG JUSTICE.

But just like when the Fire Nation attacked, everything has changed…with the coming…of Teen Titans GO!

teen titans go cover

If you were like me, you probably greatly enjoyed the DC animated show Teen Titans. It was an anime-esque series with great humor and some intense story telling. The series had fun, but knew when to take itself seriously. While not being nearly as intense a show as Young Justice, it definitely had its darker points. Teen Titans Go! on the other hand…Teen Titans Go! is a series which re-united the original cast from the Teen titans show and acts as no more than a comedy shorts show. It extremely over-simplifies each of your favorite heroes to the point where they become no more than a parody of their former selves.

To put it bluntly, I hate this show, I really do. But we’re not here to talk about the show; instead, we’ll see if the comic can do anything to change my mind about this show.

So how do we start off this comic? Apparently a crime has been committed against one of the Titans! Robin conducts an investigation to find out who did it. What was the crime? Someone ate Cyborg’s sandwich…thrilling.

teen titans go 1-1

Apparently, Cyborg has made several sandwiches throughout the week, and each of them have been eaten by someone other than him, yet nobody is fessing up to the crime, not even Beast Boy. Cyborg goes about setting traps, none of which work, and his bait sandwich is still eaten. Upon further investigation, the group decides to look inside the fridge, where they also find Raven’s pizza box.

teen titans go 1-2

Surprise surprise, it was the pizza all along! Raven reveals she had brought the pizza back from a visit with her father, Trigon. While I understand the show is meant to be more comical, Trigon is NOT the kind of father you casually go see for Sunday dinner. Considering…well, he almost destroyed the earth after resurrecting SLADE in the original show? But I digress, it appears that the pizza was possessed by a demon that decides to attack the Titans. They quickly dispatch the monster with the use of…angel food cake, and the story ends.

Only to mark the beginning of a second story. Much like the show, this comic features a pair of short stories. The second story features the Titans playing a game of miniature golf, at a DC universe inspired course. The course is an interesting series of Easter eggs, featuring such things as the Legion of Doom’s hideout, to the face of Darkseid. However, this interesting course is systematically destroyed by the Titans as Beast Boy and Robin become exceedingly competitive over a stupid bet.

teen titans go 1-5

The issue ends with Starfire breaking up the fight and completely decimating the course with her energy blasts. This issue does everything that I hate in regards to the new show, but I guess I can give them points for consistency. What isn’t consistent is the art style between the show and the book. While they have definitely taken the chibi style into consideration the characters seem to blocky as compared to the smooth models used on the show. The Teen Titans are just complete parodys of themselves in every way possible. Robin is an over serious, yet clueless dolt, Cyborg is an all tech, all the time guy, and Starfire is even more ditzy and clueless than she was in the original show.

teen titans go 1-4

While Beast Boy and Ravens personalities are more or less in-tact, with Beast boy being the hyperactive prankster, and Raven being the aloof loner. Honestly, Raven is probably my favorite character here; then again, my opinion may be skewed, as she was my favorite character from the original series. Then again, it may also be because in Teen Titans Go! they have made Raven into a Brony.


Tara Strong RAVEN is a Brony

-There are a few laughs to be found, but not many, especially if you are like me and looking for a continuation of the old show


-Lack luster stories, even for a book completely based in comedy

-Blocky and inconsistent artwork with the show

-over simplified character traits and personalities

Rating: 2/5


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