Silverwolf’s Den: Unity #3

Unity #3

Valiant’s newest series, Unity, has pushed the bounds of the comic art form in the last few months. The first arc of the series is half over, meaning by this point the book’s tone is well-established. When we last left Aric of Dacia, Livewire gained control of the Manowar armor while their spacecraft plunged into the ocean’s depths. This issue promised to continue the excitement of this high-octane series; without further ado, let’s dive into Unity #3!

Aric is down for the count as Unity continues its mission to prevent nuclear catastrophe. Livewire takes center stage in this issue, and we’re treated to her inner monologue as she analyzes current events and reminisces on her past. The team ultimately comes to a crossroads where they must decide how to proceed, and one member will become a target for the others.

Unity #3 steps away somewhat from the high-octane action of the past two issues and instead focuses on Livewire. I’m quite fond of this choice as, even though Livewire debuted over a year ago in an early issue of Harbinger we still haven’t learned much about her history or motivation. Writer Matt Kindt gives Livewire a rich, multilayered backstory that catapults her to a major character in her own right, rather than simply an underling of Toyo Harada. Furthermore, this issue teaches us more about the Manowar armor, while still maintaining a great air of mystery. Everything sets up for a coming battle next issue which can only be epic.


Artist Doug Braithwaite masterfully continues his run on Unity. The care Braithwaite layers on his work is evident here, as he makes moments both past and present brim with feeling. His work enhances Livewire greatly, showing us a range of her emotions and abilities. Colorist Brian Reber is right behind Braithwaite, providing a palette that is somewhat dulled compared to previous issues, yet this works quite well for a chapter focused so deeply on introspection.

Unity #3 continues the quality of the series and makes me eager for more. This issue takes a step back from the wild action the series displayed in earlier installments, yet if anything this makes the issue the strongest in the series thus far. Furthermore, the art team continues to impress with each new issue. I cannot recommend Unity enough at this point.


-great exploration of the character of Livewire

-superb art that mirrors the issue’s theme: introspection

-great plot hooks laid out for future issues


-Less action than previous issues (though this didn’t bother me, but might dissuade some fans)

Rating: 5/5


Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. He’d read a Livewire ongoing…heck he’d volunteer to WRITE a Livewire ongoing!

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