Review: Night of the Living Deadpool #1

The Dawn of the Dead is basically the grandfather of all modern zombie films, and serves as the base formula for the most successful zombie stories out there.  One of the most famous iterations of the classic zombie formal is the more recent The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a long running comic series which has been adapted into a HIT AMC television series. The Walking Dead is a suspenseful and horrific tale of what happens to a group of struggling survivors of a zombie outbreak. The beauty of a story like this is that you can use the same exact setting and get a completely different plot and tone from story to story; hence why you have stories like Shawn of the Dead alongside The Walking Dead. The story we have before us appears to be something of a hybrid between the two…

Night of the Living Deadpool.

Night of the living deadpool

Everybody has managed to fall into a food coma every now and again, but have you ever managed to fall asleep through an entire zombie apocalypse? Its appears that Deadpool did. After ignoring obvious signs of an oncoming zombie plague, Wade gorged himself on several pounds of chimichangas and fell asleep as the world came to an end.

DeadPool zombies-1

When he awoke, he found himself in a page ripped almost literally from The Walking Dead, black and white emptiness, and everything! The eerie feel manages to set in, right as Wade makes first contact.

DeadPool zombies-2

While Wade did manage to get bitten by one of the zombies, it doesn’t seem to affect him at all. This may be due to the fact that his healing factor can overcome the zombie virus, otherwise, it may be a plot-point to be abused at a later date.

After dispatching the first zombie, Wade makes a critical error that any watcher of The Walking Dead will understand. He used a non-silenced gun in the middle of a city of zombies! Now Wade is forced to outfight and outrun as many of these rather CHATTY corpses as he can before he is tired out.

DeadPool zombies-3

HOWEVER, Wade has nothing to fear, as it appears that the civilians of this Marvel universe are somewhat competent, as they save Deadpool with a tricked out zombie killing pick-up truck, and drive by tactics.

The civilians drive off with Deadpool in tow and deliver some much needed exposition. As it turns out, whatever heroes haven’t died out because of the zombie plague have been spread too thin to be of any use. The people have been forced to start fending for themselves since their armies of super heroes has now been descimated. So now, Deadpool is literally one of the last heroes on earth, and their only hope…well, they’re doomed.

This book sets up what i am hoping will become a GREAT story. While Deadpool’s banter is always funny and interesting, this book has decided to take a far more serious approach to this Deadpool story. Between the obvious artistic cues ripped straight from The Walking Dead, and the depressing chatter uttered by the limping corpses, one gets a true sense of dread from each page of this book.


-The black and white and deadpool color pallet makes this book very immersive and dark in tone

-Deadpool is always fun with his banter

-The books tone is kept generally somber and bleak


-The two or three colored flashback pages were very jarring and took one out of the story.

-That I have to wait a month for the next issue

Rating: 4.5/5


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