Silverwolf’s Den: Red Lanterns #27

Red Lanterns #27

Red Lanterns is a comic that came-from-behind to become arguably the best title in the Green Lantern family of books published by DC Comics. Now, the series is spinning towards a collision with the Green Lantern Corps…and Supergirl! How did this latest installment shake out?

Guy Gardner and his fellow Red Lanterns, having just toppled the evil dictator Gensui, return to Ysmault for some relaxation and musing. The group splits into two teams to handle various missions: Guy, Skallox, and Zilius Zox head off to check on Earth, while Bleez and Rankorr leave to go on a date have a convenient reason to run into Atrocitus find their fallen comrade Ratchet’s ring. Ultimately, both groups are in for some rude surprises, especially as Guy decides to pay a visit to his old flame Tora, aka Ice, in Norway.

Red Lanterns has been enjoyable since Charles Soule took the reigns with issue #21. One way he continues to succeed is by fleshing out the characters, turning them from simple rage monsters into well-rounded individuals one can sympathize with. I especially like that he seems to have started a bromance between Zilius Zox and Skallox, who are downright hilarious when they play off in each other in this issue. A downside of this issue, however, is that the story feels very lank; it’s clear Soule is setting up for some big events, but the plot just feels like it’s treading water as we await major events. Of course, I cannot blame Soule, since you have to move towards a climax and the payoff is bound to be great, but it’s still a shame that this issue meanders along more than I feel it should have.



Alessandro Vitti and J. Calafiore team up for art duties on this issue. Both have switched off in the past since the series’ new direction, and, happily, their styles mesh quite well. While some books with multiple artists feel disjointed, I honestly wouldn’t know there were two different pencillers on this issue if I hadn’t been told. Their character designs are quite good, and their backgrounds are fresh and detailed. Colorist Gabe Eltaeb’s work brings even greater vibrance and strength to this issue’s presentation. Nevertheless, I felt that some of the earlier pages, especially in the smaller panels, had weaker art that looked sketchy and off-kilter.

Overall, Red Lanterns #27 is good, but by no means the best issue of the series since the new creative team took over with Issue #21. Still, next week we’re getting a special double issue of Green Lantern #28/Red Lanterns #28 which promises to bring a lot of the issues bubbling beneath the surface to the fore. I, for one, am on for the ride.


-excellent art for the second half of the comic

-great development of Guy Gardner’s character and his relationship with Ice

-Skallox and Zilius Zox’s ridiculous bromantic adventures


-art in the early part of the issue and smaller panels looks hastily done

-issue felt somewhat abrupt and too calm after the events of the previous issues

Rating: 3.5/5



Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. He thinks Guy Gardner’s new mustache deserves its own miniseries.

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