Review: Loki, Agent of Asgard #1

In the past year or so, there has been one Marvel villain whose popularity has skyrocketed astronomically. Is it his devilish charm?  Or perhaps it just comes down to the actor portraying him? One way or another, the Norse God of Mischief has gone about finding his way into the hearts of millions. So of course a solo comic series starring his excellency was bound to happen eventually.

While the character of Loki has been active in other titles such as the Young Avengers, one does not need to have been reading that title to be able to jump onto this book. But if you’re new to any of the modern books, you might find a few things amiss with Loki…namely the fact that he is now inhabiting the body of a teenager. And before you say it, NO, this is not an Orochimaru style trick, it truly is Loki…just reborn into a younger body. And let’s be honest, Loki has had SEVERAL look changes in recent years, or does nobody remember when he was a woman? Regardless, lets get this show started with my review of LOKI Agent of Asgard #1

Loki cover

Our issue begin with a scene of Loki in the shower…I’ll let the fangirls take a moment to visualize this and enjoy it…we done yet? OK. When he emerges from said shower, he is contacted by a group of three women known as the ALL MOTHER. They explain the basic premise of this book by showing that they will be providing missions to Loki, and for every successful mission they will help to erase his past sins from history. Whats his first mission? To break into Avengers Tower!

Loki 1-1

After scaling the tower and monologuing about his impressive array of gear, Loki is easily sensed by his inebriated brother and sent flying off the side of the tower, only to be rescued by the familiar pair of Hawkeye and Black Widow. They comment on how he doesn’t look like Loki, obviously showing that this form is new to them. They are all soon joined by the rest of the core team, i.e. Iron Man, Cap, and Thor. It is here that we receive some classic Loki misdirection as he attempts to turn Thor against his comrades.

Loki 1-2

With an enraged Thor duking it out against the Hulk, Loki makes his escape and heads towards the Avengers computer database. It is here that he takes his own steps to effectively re-write his own history.But the moment he is able to delete his own personal file, he is met by the Avengers. Thor appears far more enraged than usual and assaults Loki bare handed. It is here that Loki finally accomplishes the main goal of his mission , to stab Thor through the heart with an ENCHANTED SWORD.

Loki 1-3

It is revealed that the sword was enchanted not to KILL Thor, but instead to release a dark essence that had been infecting his body and mind since the events of a previous issue of the Thor books. This dark essence, the essence of PURE LIES, was slowly killing Thor, but Loki managed to save him. Regardless, breaking into Avengers Tower and stabbing Thor doesn’t go over well, and Loki gets a punch to the face from the Hulk before being thrown into a prison cell, not unlike the one he occupied in the Avenger’s movie. Here, Thor explains that he is thankful for Loki’s actions, and we get a nice character moment between the two as they share a drink before Thor admits he knows Loki will eventually escape. When he does escape, he returns the essence to the All Mother and recommends they destroy it. Loki senses a truly dark and evil presence from it and even offers to destroy it himself, the All Mother refuses and has Loki leave. Once he is gone, however, they open the jar to reveal…

Loki 1-4

LOKI! PLOT TWIST! WOO~! So apparently the purest essence of lies was actually Loki’s evil half…makes sense to me.

So that was Loki #1…final thoughts? I think we have a great book in the making on our hands. This has a lot of potential, between the fun monologues by Loki, alongside the interesting character moments shared between him and his brother. We are also given the ALL MOTHER, an interesting character(s) that I would like to see explored a little more. By what the next issue appears to be bringing us, I believe this book will also have a lighthearted nature to it. The previews for the next issue show Loki at a speed dating event :3 .

Overall, this is a fun book and I hope to see great things coming from it throughout its run.


-Classic Loki misdirection and quips

-Great character moments


-The artwork is shaky with characters like the Hulk, and while Evil Loki is supposed to look menacing, he does not seem to belong with the rest of this book’s artwork

-I feel it might alienate fans of Young Avengers, considering there is ZERO mention of them here.

Rating: 4/5


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  1. Reason this comic makes me slightly sad: it stole Lee Garbett away from Valiant 🙁

  2. As a general Loki fan who kept up with a.) Journey into Mystery and b.) Young Avengers, very excite to see how this one goes! >__>; Although I def agree with you on the art and where was our token YA reference haha

  3. I want this comic. I really do.

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