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Aquaman and the Others #1

Aquaman has long been considered the biggest joke superhero in existence. Thanks to his stint on Super Friends, the character is often relegated to a humorous roles in parodies of comic story lines. Though public perception of Arthur Curry may still be mostly negative, Aquaman has never enjoyed a greater fan following and greater acclaim than during the past three years as Geoff Johns revitalized the character. Crafting a new mythology for Aquaman and Atlantis was one of Johns’s greatest accomplishments, and one of the most popular concepts involves a super team Aquaman led prior to joining the Justice League known as The Others.

Now, thanks to Aquaman’s rising popularity, Aquaman and the Others is a proper ongoing series. Did this series float to the surface or sink with the flotsam? Let’s dive into Aquaman and the Others #1!

Someone is after the mystical relics possessed by The Others. As each individual member fights off attackers, each one realizes that his or her artifact isn’t working properly. As a result, Aquaman calls them together to solve the mystery of not only why their objects of power are failing, but also discover the identity f this shadowy organization pursuing them.

Dan Jurgens is a well known name among comic fans, especially as he was one of the instrumental figures in the famed Death and Return of Superman story arc. With strong experience and a penchant for powerful, heroic epics, Jurgens was an excellent choice for Aquaman and the Others. One difficulty for this series is introducing the Others to fans who may not have read their first appearance in the pages of Aquaman over a year ago; despite this challenge, Jurgens rises to the occasion and presents a great portrait of each character in only a few short pages before bringing the team together. My only gripe about the writing is that some pieces of dialogue tell rather than allowing the art to show, but I feel this was meant to help new fans of the series.


Awesome variant cover by Jurgens himself!

I was not familiar with the name Lan Medina before reading Aquaman and the Others #1. I’m a bit sad about this, however, because the series’ penciller is quite skilled. The individual members of The Others are quite different in terms of appearance and abilities, but Medina gives each one an individual vibrancy equal to that seen by Ivan Reis in Joe Prado in their initial premier. Still, Medina’s art is admittedly weaker than that of Reis and Prado, which is especially evident in the calmer scenes when the team is planning their next move. Even so, the majority of this comic’s art is good and worthy of this new series.

Aquaman and the Others #1 is an enjoyable comic and a must-read for anyone who liked The Others. Even if you’ve no knowledge of this team, I still think the series is worth a shot. Jurgens and Medina are setting the stage for an epic that is set to crossover with a huge event coming from DC within the next few months. It may not be the best Aquaman comic of the last few years, but it’s still great.


-great start to a new chapter for The Others

-exceptional art for both character designs and battle scenes

-excellent set-up for another upcoming DC event


-noticeably worse quality art in slower scenes

-dialogue that tells instead of allowing the art to show in some scenes

Rating: 4/5



Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiasts. He calls this comic Aquaman’s High School Friends He Only Still Talks to Out of Duty.

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