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Unity is arguably my favorite comic from Valiant Entertainment, which is really saying something since their titles are at the top of my read pile week after week. Now that a new arc has started, the team has truly begun to coalesce with a core of Livewire, Ninjak, X-O Manowar, and the Eternal Warrior. With adventure ahead, let’s take a look at Unity #6!

Ninjak, Aric, and Gilad rush towards Dr. Silk’s base of operations in Taiwan, fighting off mind controlled soldiers on their way. Meanwhile, Livewire, still in Silk’s clutches, learns of the mad doctor’s past and his plans for the future. Furthermore, Silk reveals a fact about Livewire that may change everything formerly known about this talented psiot. Eventually the team reconvenes, but are they too late to halt Silk’s machinations?

Writer Matt Kindt draws us deeper into the Valiant Universe as he explores the motivations of the malicious Dr. Silk. My only gripe with the previous issue is that Silk felt too distant and barely threatening, but that feeling was completely overturned in Unity #6. Kindt lays out one of the most insane, creepiest, and vile figures with Dr. Silk; the madman’s plans, though containing an odd trigger, present a huge threat for the whole of humanity and, given his scientific skills, makes him seemingly unbeatable.

Furthermore, Kindt continues to push the bounds of literary skill as he writes the heroes. While our four main dramatis personae are disparate, the fact that they’re still a team makes sense as Kindt explores their various motivations, even in the sharper, action-oriented moments. Ninjak focuses mainly on completing the mission, while Gilad is more concerned with human suffering; this dynamic is great to see play out, as these disagreements round out the characters. The dialogue throughout the issue is great as well, giving the reader speech that really often does feel like it comes straight from the mouth of a body-swapping madman.

"Pleasant dreams!" - Dr. Silk

“Pleasant dreams!” – Dr. Silk

Everywhere Unity #6 excels in narrative, it succeeds artistically even moreso. CAFU’s mastery of shape and line lends itself well to both the ferocious frays and the tranquil reflections. The character models are great, and this issue contains some of the best portrayals of the X-O Manowar Armor we’ve seen thus far in the Valiant Universe. Brian Reber’s colors bring a deeper tone to the already magnificent pencils. It seems to me that each member of Unity has a special color associated with him or her, and Reber makes use of these distinctions to not only bring diversity to the cast, but also reflect their differing personalities. I can’t find a single fault with the art in this comic.

After reading this issue, I need to say hats off to the Unity team. This is by far the single best issue of the series thus far and, if I may say so, the single best comic to ever come out of Valiant. I really can’t stress just how solid of a title this is, and everything is really coalescing as the team continues to tell engaging stories each month. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t pick up Unity.


-amazing cinematic issue that solidifies the team’s personas

-marvelous artwork

-exceptional dialogue

-great villain in the personage of Dr. Silk


-the trigger of Dr. Silk’s plan is somewhat odd

Rating: 5/5



Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. He’s thinking Lex Luthor will lose the Evil Mastermind Award to Dr. Silk this year.

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