Review: New Warriors #4

The New Warriors were a B-list team of superheroes that went through several incarnations in the Marvel Universe. The team has more or less been disbanded after their involvement in the events of the Marvel Civil War. (i.e. being part of the inciting incident that caused it). This year however, Marvel has decided to breathe new life into this team with a brand new line-up of heroes!

To be honest, I only picked up this book because it included the character Scarlet Spider after his book was cancelled. His book was far more enjoyable than it had any right to be, and it was sad to see it end. But we are not here for Scarlet Spider, we’re here for the WHOLE team! So lets take a look and see how this team comes together in the final issue of their first story arc, New Warriors #4.

new warriors 4 cover

Over the past 3 issues, the Evolutionaries, and the LORD HIGH Evolutionary have been working side by side in calculated attacks against super powered beings, be they mutant, Inhuman, clone, or Atlantean, any non human entity was at the mercy of these Hunters. As these attacks continued, a group of heroes were brought together as they were all equally threatened by these EVOLUTIONARIES.

new warriors 4-1

It has been revealed in this and in previous issues that the Evolutionaries are under orders by a higher power save Humanity, by way of exterminating all non-Humans on Earth, thus saving their existence from the wrath of the “Celestials”. But after several attacks upon the Morlocks of NYC, and the mystic children of Salem, and even a group of Atlanteans,  the Evolutionaries have gained the attention of several young heroes.

After kidnapping Nova, the Scarlet Spider, and an Atlantean warrior, The Evolutionaries are met by Speedball, Justice, Sun Girl, and an Inhuman named Haechi who collectively fight back against the Evolutionaries, freeing their captured comrades.

New Warriors 4-2

The group all engage the Evolutionaries as Nova tries to warn them of their plan, only to be incapacitated mid-sentence. It matters not however, as these villains have no problems expositing, and explaining exactly what their plan is. They had initially kidnapped Nova in hopes of using his Nova helmet as a means of focusing the machine they had developed, a machine, which when turned on, has the power to kill any non-normal human in the vicinity of its blast.

Much like how Charles Xavier was used in X-Men 2 as a means of targeting all mutants on earth, Nova’s helmet would have accomplished the same feat, only including non-mutant super powered beings as well. The Evolutionaries are able to activate their machine, thus incapacitating most of the group of heroes.

new warriors 4-3

What they did NOT count on, was the fact that Sun Girl was in fact a normal human, equipped with a jet pack and light guns, which she uses to destroy the Machine, and foil the villains plot of destruction!

Ashamed at their defeat, the Evolutionaries retreat, leaving the heroes to enjoy their victory. The leader of the previous new warriors, Justice, looks to the group and congratulates them on how well they worked together, especially given the chaotic circumstances. In a hopeful gesture, he invites the group of heroes to work together as the next NEW WARRIORS! Nearly every one of the heroes aside from Hummingbird, the Scarlet Spider’s conscience and sidekick, and Sun Girl decline. Will the group stay together? How will they work alongside one another? Only time will tell!

new warriors 4-4

This story arc did well to introduce the reader to its central characters, giving each hero enough characterization to actually care about them. This title features artwork that is crisp, clean, and well polished. My biggest complaint so far, is that this arc seemed to drag on an issue too long. I feel this story could have easily been wrapped up within 3 issues, and still produce the same desired effect. Aside from dragging on an extra issue, these characters are fun and interesting, and those who didn’t receive much development are interesting enough to make me want to learn more about them.


-Well polished artwork

-Interesting characters

-Sympathetic villains with noble goals.


-It dragged itself just a bit too long for my tastes.

Rating: 4/5


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