Review: All-New Ghost Rider #3

The ALL NEW Ghost Rider continues his story with issue number three of his on-going series. For those who are more familiar with the Ghost Rider of the Nicholas Cage movies, this Ghost Rider is a different beast altogether. Nick Cage played the character of Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider. Since then there have been many other versions of the Ghost Rider, as the character can be seen as something of a legacy hero, spanning through the ages with multiple incarnations.

This new incarnation of the Spirit of Vengeance takes the form of a young Hispanic man named Gabe Reyes. Gabe lives in the ghetto of Los Angeles, where he single handedly takes care of his mentally challenged younger brother. During a street race, Gabe was attacked and killed by a group of armed mercenaries looking to retrieve stolen narcotics from the car which Gabe had stolen for the race. As Gabe died, he was engulfed in flame and BECAME the Ghost Rider, now him and his new partner are off to find those who wronged him and bring them to justice, in this week’s issue of ALL NEW GHOST RIDER!

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One question that has plagued readers since this book’s creation has been what the nature of this Ghost Rider is. We ask this because the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, is still active AS the Ghost Rider. As it turns out. The Ghost Rider currently inhabiting Gabriel Reyes is in fact not the oh so FAMOUS Spirit of Vengeance we all know of, but in fact, a HUMAN spirit of a man named Eli.

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Eli is able to converse with Gabriel, telling him that he seeks vengeance from beyond the grave against those who have wronged him. He also sees that the same scum responsible for HIS death have wronged Gabriel in the past. This is a VERY different dynamic being given to the Ghost Rider character.  No Ghost Rider before has ever been able to CONVERSE with the spirit, making it more of an alter ego or different form, as opposed to another person altogether. He comes off more as a character like Venom or Deadpool, where they literally have voices in their heads, guiding their actions.

The new voice accompanies Gabe wherever he goes, egging him on, coercing him to the idea of taking down the gangbangers in the city. Even during his classes, Gabe hears the voice of his new partner attempting to coerce him. But it is not until the gangbangers make THEIR move that Gabe is finally willing to act on his darker impulses.

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The gangbangers robbed the repair shop where Gabriel works, and stole back their car after killing the workers and Gabriel’s boss. It is revealed that the gangbangers are being tracked by the same mercenary group who killed Gabriel, in the search of illegal narcotics. The gang member just BARELY got away from the mercenaries as the gang leader decided to ingest some of the mysterious narcotics, which apparently allow one to become a raging BEHEMOTH of a monster.

ghost rider 3-4

This is why the mercenaries were tracking down the drugs, to return these MONSTER meds to the professor who created them. Sadly, it appears the gang leader enjoyed his time as a monster and managed to kill all of the mercs in order to allow him and his own men to escape. but now, he must face off against a far worse threat than a few armed assassins…he must face the GHOST RIDER!

So far, this book has done quite well to capture my attention. The story is quite fast paced and keeps the information coming at the reader. The artwork is as good as the last two issues, adopting a anime-esque stylized art style that fits this book quite well.


-Well polished artwork

-A new dynamic for a new take on a classic hero

-Good fleshing out of Gabe’s daily life with his brother and schoolwork.


-We have learnt very little about the primary villains of the book.

Rating: 4.5/5


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  1. This is a pretty great review and I’m definitely enjoying the new series, but just one tiny thing: Gabriel Reyes is the disabled little brother, the new Ghost Rider is Robbie Reyes.

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