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Back in December, I picked up and reviewed the first trade of Ghosted, a series involving a team of professional con artists attempting to steal a ghost from a haunted mansion. I loved that concept, and the story and art blew me away. Of course, I was excited to find out the series would continue. With high hopes, I grabbed the second trade of the series, titled “Books of the Dead.”

Some time has passed since Jackson Winters successfully stole a ghost for Markus Schrecken. Now living on his own private island, Jackson has become accustomed to a life of quiet luxury. Sadly, his past rears its ugly, monstrous head and Jackson is pulled into a new heist by a casino owner he tried to rob, a job that ended with disastrous results. Now, Jackson, Robby Trick, and their new temporary ally Skinner must head to Mexico to liberate a possessed girl from a cult known as the Brotherhood of the Closed Book. With horror all around, even of our heroes succeed it won’t come without a price.

Ghosted #9

Writer Joshua Williamson returns to this volume with another concept involving the theft of a ghost, but this time it’s inside a possessed woman. Williamson nails his characters once again, expanding on Jackson, Anderson, Robby Trick, and a few new characters thrown into the mix. There are a few interesting twists in this volume as well, which are rewarding for fans of Volume 1. There’s a good pay-off that sets the stage for future stories as well, which makes me glad to know the series isn’t ending.

Artist Davide Gianfelice joins the team for this arc. While his style is vastly different than that of Goran Sudzuka, the previous volume’s artist, Gianfelice nevertheless is a solid fit for the title. He keeps the character designs of returning characters consistent, while adding his own flair. Furthermore, Gianfelice shows great skill drawing frightening locales and strange, ghostly beasts. Miroslav Mrva, colorist of the last arc, helps keep the artistic consistency and tone of the story intact.

ghosted #10

Alas, Ghosted Volume 2 has a few shortfalls. This story is a slower start than the last story line, and I didn’t feel myself drawn in as quickly or strongly as in “Haunted Heist.” While the art is quite good, there were some glaring artistic inconsistencies, especially in the second and third issues of the trade. Lastly, one of my favorite characters is killed off rather unceremoniously towards the end. While this was a choice that had great emotional impact, I’m not sure it was necessary, though I suppose given the nature of this series he could return as a specter.

Overall, Ghosted Volume 2: Books of the Dead is weaker than the first installment, but is still a good comic. Fans of the previous story arc will certainly enjoy this one, though I doubt as much as “Haunted Heist.” Nevertheless, the ending reveal was strong enough that I’ll return for Volume 3.


-solid art

-intriguing continuation of Jackson’s story

-great character work


-slow start

-artistic inconsistencies in some sections

-ending involves the death of a great character

Rating: 3.5/5


Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. He’s never robbed a Haunted House…but it doesn’t mean he never will…

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