Review: Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Seasons 1-5

Dragonball Z is a show that needs next to NO introduction. It most likely one of the first examples of anime that many American Otaku would have been exposed to, thanks to its never-ending broadcast run on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block.

Over the years, fans have wanted to be able to enjoy their DBZ anytime they wanted, and with the new millenium came the advent of DVDs, a far more compact and efficient way of storing all of the many, MANY episodes of Dragonball Z spanning from the Saiyin saga, all the way up to the Arrival of Majin Buu. But, one problem has always seemed to spring up regarding the DBZ collections: THERE ARE TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM! Some collections feature the American intro theme, while others feature the Japanese intro. Some collections contain a Japanese dub option with English subs, while others keep only the English dub.

But worst of all, these collections spread themselves out amongst WAY too many volumes, something that deters collectors and fans of the franchise for sure. BUT NO MORE! Finally, Funimation has decided to publish a new Blu-ray edition of the DBZ franchise. This version will be consolidated into far fewer volumes, and kept at a very reasonable price-point.


Review copies were provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

One big thing this collection has going for it is, as I said before, the pricepoint. Currently, volume 1 of this set is available on Amazon for only $25 plus shipping. Each volume holds roughly 40 episodes across 4 blu-ray discs. And while DBZ is far from up to par with modern anime standards in terms of visual quality, these episodes have been completely remastered both visually and audibly.

Each episode sounds crystal clear, and the musical score is cleaned up beautifully as well. But its the visuals that are MOST noticeable when comparing this set to its DVD brethren, such as the Dragon box, or the Orange box collections. The colors and line-art have been completely remastered (yet again) and cleaned up beautifully, making each frame of animation look astounding in the Blu-ray format.

blu ray quality dbz

If I were to have 2 major criticisms for this set, it is for the exclusion of the American DBZ theme song, as well as the complete omission of any of the DBZ OVAs. With these visual improvements, I believe the OVAs could have benefited greatly from the Blu-ray treatment this set has received.

Overall, I personally recommend this set to any hardcore DBZ fan, as well as any old school fan-boy of the Saiyins who might want to show this series to their children one day.


-Superb visual upgrade from previous DVD releases

-Reasonable price point for what is being given in these sets

-Fun Cover-art that stretches the artwork from season to season


-No OVAs

-No American them song (DRAGON DRAGON! LOTS OF DRAGON! DRAGON BALL Z!!!!!)

Rating: 3.5/5


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