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the delinquents #2

The awesome amalgam of Valiant’s two buddy-comedies continues this week with the release of The Delinquents #2. When we last left our heroes, each was tasked with finding the other half of a map printed on the rear-end of a deceased hobo. In this issue, the two teams meet face to face with explosive and hilarious results. Let’s hop a boxcar as we check out The Delinquents #2!

Quantum, Woody, Archer, and Armstrong finally collide in this issue, as their quest for the secrets of the Hobo Code and the path to Big Rock Candy mountain lead them to the home of an eccentric collector of forgeries Armstrong worked for during the Great Depression. A typical misunderstanding ensues, and the teams are at each others’ throats before finally reaching a peaceful resolution. Some library research (and a bottle of absinthe later) leads the quartet to conclude that they must work together to find the Treasure of the Hobos.

The Delinquents #2 continues the hilarity of the premier issue. From the clever sound effects (such as “RNND-TOO” when Armstrong is about to engage Quantum for a second time) to the references to bad fan fiction, everything from the subtle to the glaringly obvious is funny in this comical comic. Some of the lower-key jokes are clever enough that it’s easy for a reader to miss them the first time, which just adds to the enjoyment of the issue. Both the writing, from James Asmus and Fred Van Lente, and the art, by Kano, fuel the high quality humor in this comic.

They don't make medieval weaponry like they used to...

They don’t make medieval weaponry like they used to…

The story progresses exceptionally in The Delinquents #2. While the first issue set the stage, this installment brings the team together and lays more seeds about the secrets of the Mondostano Corporation. The interplay between characters is rather interesting, too, as the straight-laced Archer befriends the bon vivant Woody, leading to the two sharing alcohol with one another (and a hilariously drunken Archer). The story does feel a bit off-kilter in the middle, but otherwise is engrossing and enjoyable.

Kano’s art once again transforms this comic from simply good into sublime. His unique style is perfect for the visual gags and battle scenes, and his attention to detail is quite remarkable. It’s amazing that he provides the coloring as well as the linework and the bright palette is welcome in a comedy-based comic. I really can’t think of another artist who could lend this miniseries the same level of quality.

Overall, The Delinquents #2 is a strong follow-up, and continues the great Valiant tradition. This miniseries is loads of fun, and it’s a comic I definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. Check out the series now!


-hilarious beyond compare!

-exceptional artwork

-great interplay between the characters


-slight plot drag in the middle

Rating: 4.5/5


Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. He’s praying The Delinquents will reference the tall-tale telling hobo from The Simpsons before it ends.


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