Silverwolf’s Den: Archer & Armstrong #25

archer & armstrong #25

I love Valiant Comics, and at the top of their list is Archer & Armstrong. This series combines humor, history, and amazing character work with a good dose of action thrown in. Now, the series has reached its milestone 25th issue. It’s time to check out Archer & Armstrong #25!

Archer & Armstrong #25 is an oversized anniversary issue that recounts a number of shorter tales concerning the titular adventurers. The tales include a brief retelling of their origin, an epilogue of their main story arc, a battle involving one of Armstrong’s old (and forgotten) enemies, a prelude to the “Drinking Through History” story, and a tale set in the future on Gilad’s birthday. Each story captures the spirit of this duo, and explores more about their adventures.

It’s difficult to break down each story and truly give each one its due, given they’re varied and come from a plethora of talented comic book creators. Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry are present, of course, as are the likes of Ray Fawkes, Pere Perez, and Joey Esposito, just to name a few. I enjoyed each story on its own individual merits, and I greatly admire the fact that each story is rather brief, but manages to portray an interesting, captivating, and often funny story. The artwork is great, and I’m glad that readers are treated to a variety of talents crafting the stories within this issue.


That said, Archer & Armstrong #25 isn’t perfect. While I did enjoy the variety of stories, and admire what each team did with the space given, I wished that a few of the stories had been a little longer. Furthermore, this issue was teased by Valiant as containing an “Archer & Armstrong Drinking Game,” which was nowhere to be found; perhaps it was removed because of page count or to avoid potentially bad PR, but I still wish it had been included since it’s very much in keeping with the spirit of the characters, with a disclaimer included of course.

Archer & Armstrong #25 finishes out this phase of our heroes’ journey superbly. It’s an enjoyable comic without a doubt, though given the format it’s more eclectic than some previous installments. Still, the A-list creators on board treat us to a fun ride through the lives of Archer & Armstrong, and reveal more about their characters. This issue even includes a set-up for The One Percent #1, a one-shot coming out next month about which I’m very excited. If you’ve enjoyed the series thus far, this is definitely a comic you can’t miss!


-great artwork

-interesting stories

-solid conclusion to this stage in the characters’ adventures


-some stories felt too short

-the promised drinking game was mysteriously absent

Rating: 4/5


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