Review: Death of Wolverine Deadpool & Captain America

In the wake of Wolverine’s death, many an X-man, and Avenger have been finding their own ways to cope with the death of their friend and mentor Wolverine; Deadpool and Captain America are no exceptions to this fact. Both Cap and Deadpool see the potential dangers of a world without Logan in it, and hope to put an immediate end to one such danger. Both Logan and Deadpool are far from strangers to the prospect of being experimented on, and being manufactured into super weapons. In fact, both of them have been cloned in the attempt to make armies of super weapons. Now, with Logan gone, Steve and Wade plan to ensure that NOBODY has the ability to clone Logan and desecrate his memory, by using what little remains of him for evil.

DOW DP+Cap 1-cover

Deadpool and Cap start the issue by reminiscing about their days gone by with their mutual friend Wolverine. Both have their own emotional baggage associated with Logan, from Cap’s first meeting with Logan being less than friendly, and Deadpool having been a lab rat in the same program as him.They discuss said emotional baggage as they stoke a bonfire set ablaze with the various clothing, bed spreads, and personal belongings of Logan’s that may contain even the most trace amounts of his DNA.

DOW DP+Cap 1-1

As they go about stoking the campfire, Black Widow calls in to Cap to report on a lead he had her investigating. Some months ago, after Wolverine had lost his healing factor, he was stabbed with a knife, and the attacker got away with his blood still fresh on the blade. That much DNA could easily be used in any attempt to make a clone of Wolverine, or possibly even an army of BUB-SNIKT clones! Once she reports in, she informs Cap that A.I.M. had recently purchased the knife off the black market, and she knows where the blade is headed. She gives Cap the knife’s coordinates, and informs him she has other missions she needs to take care of, so he and Deadpool would need to handle the mission on their own.

A good chunk of this issue is spent between Deadpool and Cap exchanging banter, and cracking wise to one another as they try to make light of the situation. The situation comes off as an organic tale of two people dealing with the loss of their best friend. the writing is organic and truly feels genuine in its delivery. Having lost several loved ones in my time, this writer can honestly say he relates to the portrayal of Cap and Wade’s grieving.

DOW DP+Cap 1-2

Thankfully, the more somber moments are given a buffer with enough action to satisfy any casual comic fan. Deadpool and Cap must infiltrate an A.I.M. base covertly in order to acquire the dagger in question. While the mission goes well at first, shit quickly hits the fan once they get their prize, much like in ANY good spy/heist movie. They are quickly surrounded by the A.I.M. bee-keeper agents, and only narrowly escape capture thanks to Captain America and his Quinn-jet.

At the end of the day, Cap and Wade depart on good terms, happy they completed a mission together in Logan’s name. Wade attempts to give Cap the blade they had worked so hard for, but Cap refuses, saying that Wade should decide what to do with the knife. After being given this enormous responsibility by Steve, Wade is unsure of himself or what he should truly do. In his doubt, he takes the knife to an abandoned clinic, where he used to operate out of, as well as be operated UPON by butler and the remains of Weapon X. A machine lay inside the facility, which he remembers has the capacity to clone a full human with only the smallest tissue samples. So wade is faced with a decision, do the right thing and destroy the sample, or bring back his best friend.

DOW DP+Cap 1-3

This issue is a mixed bag of AMAZING. It is funny with all of its visual gags, and humorous banter shared between cap and Deadpool. It is depressing as it reveals just how deeply Logan’s death affects the characters involved in the story. And it is thought provoking, as the reader is forced to ask the question: if I could bring my friend back to life, would I do it?

If you read nothing else involving the aftermath of the Death of Wolverine, I recommend you pick up this book. Its a done in one title, neatly packaged and so much fun to read.


-Fun artwork with great visual gags

-Captain America urinates in public on a brick wall

-believable character momenst from grieving heroes

-Thought provoking story, with an ambiguous ending.

-Done in one, 1-shot issue


-It’s the ONLY good Death of Wolverine ti-in

Rating: 5/5


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