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The Valiant #3 landed in shops yesterday to continue the amazing prestige series from the publisher. I, along with many other comic book fans, eagerly awaited this installment since the gripping conclusion of the previous issue. With only two issues remaining, let’s take a look at the penultimate issue of The Valiant. 

The Immortal Enemy has risen, and only the combined might of the Valiant Universe can hope to take him down. Gilad leads a team of Valiant’s greatest heroes, assembled by Neville Alcott of MI6, against the monster. Meanwhile, Bloodshot brings Kay McHenry to a mall to act as her last line of defense. The Geomancer and former weapon of Project Rising Spirit engage in a heart to heart, and find a connection that may go beyond what either could have imagined.

Though The Valiant #3 contains a massive battle pitting almost every Valiant hero against the Immortal Enemy, the issue really shines when it comes to the interaction between Kay and Bloodshot. The two have an interesting interplay, as they spar verbally and crack jokes while beneath the surface fear boils as Mr. Flay comes ever closer.


That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the massive battle that takes place throughout the issue. It was a lot of fun to see the likes of Dr. Mirage, The H.A.R.D. Corps, and Quantum & Woody join forces. I hope that future comics set in the Valiant Universe will acknowledge the meeting of these characters. Still, I wish the battle section could have worked to move the plot forward a little more, as I would like see more of Kay and Bloodshot, as well as Neville’s work back at MI-6 HQ.

Paolo Rivera continues to be the major driving force behind this amazing series. From his amazing interpretations of all the major Valiant characters, to the subtlety and emotion injected into Bloodshot and Kay’s conversation, every page is loaded with stunning visuals. The mall scene, especially, contains much metaphor as our protagonists discuss the fate of the world and the meaning of their lives while wandering aimlessly through rows of different household goods.

The Valiant #3 continues to impress me. Though this chapter was a tad weaker than issue #2, it’s still one of the best I’ve read in months. The deeply emotional fantasy narrative elucidates exactly why comics is such a beloved and respected medium. Without a doubt, everyone needs to read this comic.


-exceptional artwork

-gripping character moments between Kay and Bloodshot

-chance to see all the Valiant heroes team up


-battle scene itself does little move the story along

Rating: 4.5/5



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