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Ninjak #1 cover

After appearances in X-O Manowar, Unity, and Armor Hunters, at long last Ninjak receives his own ongoing series. The weapons expert and master spy executes missions in this long-awaited comic, showcasing the talents of Matt Kindt, Clay Mann, Butch Guice, and more. I’m glad to say this first issue lived up to my (admittedly gargantuan) expectations.

Colin King is the world’s foremost master of stealth and espionage. When his long time friend and sometimes boss, Neville Alcott, calls him up to head a dangerous mission for MI-6, Colin accepts and heads to Japan. His mission? To track down the leaders of the organizer Weaponeer and halt their illegal war mongering activities. However, as skilled as Ninjak may be, there are forces in the world that even he may not be able to overcome.

Furthermore, Colin’s past is one that lies shrouded beneath layers of deception, intrigue, and suffering. Before he was Ninjak, Colin began a career as a low-level spy. Through these adventures, one can slowly see how the man grew to become one of the deadliest individuals in the Valiant Universe.

Ninjak #1 interior

We’ve seen Kindt write Ninjak before in the pages of Unity, but now the super spy has a series all his own. As a result, Kindt wastes no time exploring the background of and psyche behind the masterful operative. This issue establishes a vast web of conspiracy, and puts characters in place for a story that focuses more on espionage than straightforward action. Thanks to excellent pacing, this comic flows beautifully.

Artists Mann and Guice handle the main story and the backup tale, respectively. Each is a stellar talent in his own right, weaving together the dark threads of our shinobi protagonist’s exploits. The fight choreography is exceptional, while the cramped environments add to the air of tension within each sequence. There’s really nothing not to love about this art team which charges full steam ahead into this new series.

Ninjak #1 provides the launch of the title I wanted, even if it isn’t exactly what I expected. If anything, subverting my expectations made me enjoy this comic more. Furthermore, having a full story and a backup for only $3.99 is an amazing deal in this age of comics, and makes the issue well worth picking up. While this issue is exposition heavy, it delivers strong enough character moments and setup to justify a place at the top of every fan’s pull list.


-exceptional pacing

-beautiful art, especially the action sequences and settings

-over 30 pages of story in a $3.99 comic!


-issue is almost entirely exposition

Rating: 4.5/5


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