Top 4 Comic Book Ladies

With the anniversary of my column continuing, I decided to make another list. Yesterday, I talked about some of my favorite lesser known comic characters…but realized they were all men. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favorite ladies in comic books. Read on to see just who made the cut!

4. Supergirl

It’s pretty obvious for my long-time readers and good friends that I love Superman, so it’s probably no surprise that his cousin, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl, made this list. Supergirl may seem like just a cute face on the surface, but she’s a deep and multifaceted character: having actually grown up on Krypton, she has a different view of Earth than her cousin, and given that she was in suspended animation for several decades means she views life differently as well. Supergirl also possesses an amazing amount of tenacity and ingenuity, making her a perfect fit at #4.

3. Black Canary

Maybe there’s a pattern that I like superheroines who are associated with my favorite heroes. If so, then with Green Arrow as my favorite superhero it’s no surprise that Black Canary is on this list. Black Canary is an interesting character because despite the fact she has a superpower (he Canary Cry) she also trained herself to have amazing hand-to-hand skills, often training other heroes with her non-super abilities. She’s definitely a strong, motivated character who knows what she wants, leaving Green Arrow after he breaks their bond of trust, willingly sacrificing happiness to defend what she believes. She’s definitely a cool character and thus comes in at #3.

2. Rogue

She may be a Southern Belle, but you’re in for a beat-down if you piss off this X-Men member! Rogue is one of the coolest characters ever created by Marvel: she’s got a great tongue-in-cheek attitude and has gotten the team out of dozens of binds. Rogue is also interesting because her powers cause her to struggle with her own sense of physical identity (eventually she learned to control this power, but she also questions when/if she should ever use it). Thus I handed Rogue #2 on this list!

1. Lois Lane

I’m sure no one is surprised by this one. Lois Lane may not have super powers, but she’s an amazing character nonetheless. She’s smart, determined, and helpful, saving not only Superman but also Metropolis on numerous occasions. As Superman continues to be reinvented, so too is Lois revamped and rewritten but she always possesses amazing and admirable qualities. Newspapers may be sadly dying out, but I for one know Lois Lane is here to stay so she makes #1!

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  1. Black Canary and Rogue ..awesome choices 🙂 They are two of my favorites too!

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