Review: Uncanny Avengers #16

Rick Remender is by far one of my favorite writers for Marvel these days. He was responsible for writing the FANTASTIC series known as Uncanny X-Force, which went as far as to give Deadpool some humanistic character development, something he doesn’t usually get in team books. Other notable accomplishments of his work with X-Force are related to the character Warren Worthington, or as many know him, Angel.

Long ago, Angel was given the powers of the Horseman of Death by the Mutant super being known as Apocalypse. This forever changed him and since then, he has been able to use the Archangel powers he was given at will. However, the fact that he still had these powers meant that he was still connected with Apocalypse. Remender decided to use this as a lynchpin to his story arc, in which he has Warren actually BECOME Apocalypse, and not just another horseman.

While Warren may have been saved from his fate as a bringer of endings and death, he did accomplish a few things in his time as Apocalypse. Namely, he fathered two children with his THEN Horseman of Pestilence. Which brings us to where we are in Remender’s CURRENT on-going, Uncanny Avengers!

UAvengers cover

Throughout the past story arc the Uncanny Avengers have been faced with an extremely dangerous foe, a pair of mutant siblings claiming to be the children of Warren Worthington, or as they call him, Apocalypse. These twins were raised by the time traveling menace known as Kang the Conqueror. Brought up to hate humans and instilled with the desire to save their mutant brethren from the terrible fate that will one day be brought on by the Red Skull.

After putting a plan in motion to use the Scarlet Witch and Wonderman to bring Earth’s mutants to their ark, the twins also managed to bring forth four new Horsemen of Death using the late bodies of Banshee, Daken, the Sentry and the Grim Reaper. With these Horseman, the twins managed to kill Rogue, Sunfire, Wonderman, Havok, Wolverine, and the Scarlett Witch. This leaves only captain America, the Wasp and Thor as the remaining Uncanny Avengers, up against the Apocalypse twins who are hellbent on destroying every known future reality in their pursuit of mutant supremacy. And before I forget to mention it, the twins have also framed earth in a Galactic conspiracy against celestial beings. Now that we’re all caught up, how about we talk about this week’s issue?

UAvengers 16-1

After being smacked around by the Sentry horseman, Thor has made his way back to the Apocalypse twins, and is prepared to avenge his fallen comrades with the full fury of a TRULY pissed off diety. he then seperates the twins so they are unable to use the full brunt of their powers. This makes defeating the brother, Uriel, that much easier.

While Thor faces off against the brother, he leaves captain America to deal with the sister, Eimin. Not able to inflict NEARLY as much damage as a Norse thunder god, Cap instead decides to outsmart the would be bringer of the Apocalypse. After bumrushing a control console, he opens an airlock, thrusting her into space.

UAvengers 16-2

While their fight rages in space, a great battle is also about to take place on Earth. EXITAR, THE GRAND EXEXUTIONER of the Celestials has deemed earth guilty of crimes against the Celestials. As I stated before, the twins have framed Earth for the deaths of many Celestials, all killed with Thor’s ancient axe Jarnbjorn.

And while the heroes of earth prepare for war, the Wasp rushes to ensure they will receive backup. The twins, being raised by Kang, have access to extensive time travel technologies. They used a device called a Tachion DAMN to ensure nobody has the ability to time travel to or FROM this century. Once the damn is destroyed, the heroes from all of time and space are prepared to pour in and assist the heroes of today in their fight for their existence.

UAvengers 16-3

This book is IMMENSE. Rick Remender knows how to write a story and make it HUGE. His stories always seem to have a sense of gravitas and importance. Many comic story lines, Avengers and otherwise, can end up seeming unimportant in the grand scheme. This is the reason Minimum Carnage and Superior Carnage was such a flop. Their stories and scope were WAY TOO SMALL. Here, we have a story so big it encompasses the fate of the earth. Heroes have died left and right and a literal GIANT looms in the heavens ready to end all life on Earth as we know it.

THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A STORY BIG. My only gripe with this book? IT FEELS TOO BIG! As much as I love the idea of my comics telling larger than life stories, this kind of story seems more fitting to an EVENT comic storyline. And just as well, this book has greatly out shined such titles as Age of Ultron and AVX.

While I love this story, I wish it could be seen from the perspective of the other heroes of earth, this story is PERFECT for an event tie in…but sadly we shall not see this. This does not diminish the quality of this story though. All I can hope for is that Remender may one day be awarded with being the head writer of Marvels big event comics. His work would definitely shine much brighter under that grander scope.


-Amazing suspense that grips the reader

-Constant (yet meaningful) character deaths that keep coming one after another

-The other heroes of Earth aren’t just twiddling their thumbs while this is happening


-This needs to be an event comic

-The scale is too big for the limited scope and reach of this one book

Rating: 4/5


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