Top 5 Comic Book Fathers

Given that it’s Father’s Day, I felt an article detailing the coolest comic book dads was due! Now, before I begin, I’m not saying these guys are great fathers; I’m saying they are great and they are fathers (so please, no comments of “this guy is a jerk to his son! Why is he on the list?”). Anyway, let’s dive in!

5. Thomas Wayne

Dr. Thomas Wayne is the father of Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman. Everyone who knows the story of Batman is aware that, as a child, Bruce watched his parents get gunned down and thus dedicated his life to fighting crime. In Flashpoint, DC’s alternate history storyline from last summer, it was Bruce who died during the mugging and thus Thomas became the vigilante known as The Bat-Man. This version of the Caped Crusader is much more brutal and brooding, and in my eyes comes off as even more awesome than his son. Even in the normal continuity, however, Thomas is always portrayed as a great surgeon who saved dozens of lives and instilled a sense of duty in his son. Sadly, because his appearances are few and far between I couldn’t place him at any higher than #5.

4. Omni-Man

I’ve talked about Omni-Man before, but there’s still something to be said about him as a father figure. Sure, he does beat his son within an inch of death, but in the end it’s his love for Mark that causes him to abandon his hundreds-of-years-long mission and risk his own death at the hands of the empire he once served. Later, Omni-Man even goes so far as to ensure that his second son finds a safe place to live so he does not meet a terrible fate. Ultimately, Omni-Man may have taken awhile to find his footing, but in the end proves he’s a good father and a great man.

3. Jor-El and Pa Kent

As usual, it isn’t a comic list from me unless Superman shows up somewhere. I decided that both of Clark’s dads, both his biological and adoptive, needed to be included. Jor-El sacrificed everything and took a huge gamble to ensure his only son could survive against insurmountable odds, while Jonathan raised the boy to adulthood and filled him with values which would ensure he always use his powers for the benefit of humanity. Both are great men and, though neither one has superpowers or can defeat hordes of villains, both ensured that the greatest hero in the DC could become the man he is today.

2. Magneto

Magneto is by far the coolest villain in the Marvel Universe, and it’s no surprise he’s one of the most popular characters in the X-Men franchise. For those that don’t know, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Polaris are all his children, and there’s rumors he may have even more (dude’s a pimp…seriously). Magneto hasn’t always been the best father, what with sending his kids on near-suicidal missions against the X-Men, but over the years he’s grown into a stronger man who has established some level of respect, and maybe even love, with his offspring.

1. Green Arrow

Green Arrow’s not the ideal father: he abandoned a biological son when he was only a baby, and treated his adopted children questionably over the years. Even so, Oliver Queen cares an awful lot about his kids, both natural and adopted, and has risked his life time and again to protect them. Once his biological son, Connor Hawke, reached adulthood, Queen even worked to reconcile their relationship and the two established a deep bond of love. Similarly, Roy Harper, the former Speedy, came to further understand and respect GA once he, too, reached adulthood. Sure, with the reboot he may not have any kids, but this legacy of his character still endures. Green Arrow holds a special place in this list as well because my own father was the one who told me about the character who would become my favorite superhero. Thanks dad, for helping me learn to respect the Emerald Archer (instead of turning off the first episode of Justice League Unlimited because the guy with the bow didn’t look too impressive).

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