Silverwolf’s Den Special: Action Presidents: Washington

Evil Twin Comics provided a review copy.

Action Presidents #1 George Washington

American history is interesting and comics are fun, so why not combine the two? Evil Twin Comics decided to fuse these two awesome things into a new comic series from Fred Van Lente (of Archer & Armstrong fame) and Ryan Dunlavey. The series, which officially premiers tomorrow on Comixology, offers a slightly humorous take on real events surrounding our nation’s Presidents. How did the first issue rank? Read on to find out!

Action Presidents: Washington is the first installed of this new digital first series. The issue provides a biography of George Washington, touching not only upon his major contributions to American history, but also upon some lesser known aspects of his life. We’re treated to scenes from Washington’s entire life, including his youth, service during the American Revolution, Presidency, and retirement.

George Washington Action President

This first issue of Action Presidents is good, educational fun. There are a lot of interesting facts thrown in, making this comic a potentially good way to teach younger students about American history. As with most of Fred Van Lente’s work, there’s also plenty of humor; though some of the jokes are rather ribald, the vast majority are clever and legitimately funny. Ryan Dunlavey’s art is fairly good as well, its cartoony style fitting this type of comic.

Still, Action Presidents: Washington has a few shortcomings. While Dunlavey’s style did lend itself to this type of work, certain instances just felt a little too cartoony or over-the-top for my taste. Furthermore, while the historical aspect was interesting, I knew most of the facts and stories before reading this comic. Lastly, some panels seemed very, very wordy; I don’t mind reading, but a few pieces of art were muddled with a great deal of words surrounding them.

Overall, Action Presidents: Washington is a decent comic.  It’s a fun comic, and worth checking out if you’re interested in learning more about American History or sharing these lessons with someone else you know. Still, if you are well-versed in George Washington’s life, you probably won’t enjoy this story as much. Ultimately, this comic seems like an ideal way to introduce some young future patriots to the life of our nation’s first President. If you’re interested feel free to snag this issue on Comixology starting tomorrow, November 13, 2013!


-good art

-fun way to explore the life of George Washington (and ideal way to introduce young students to his biography)

-moments of good humor


-less enjoyable if you know a lot about American History

-art style a little too cartoony at times

-certain panels felt too wordy

Rating: 3.5/5


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