Review: Samurai Jack #2

Long ago in a distant land, I Arc, the comic reviewing master of pop culture, enjoyed an UNSPEAKABLY GOOD SHOW! But, a foolish network executive wielding the powers of cancellation stepped forth to oppose me…

Unfortunately, I could not open a portal in time, and thus was stuck waiting until this year to finally get some resolution to one of the greatest animated series Cartoon Network ever produced. But the wait was well worth it, as this comic series continues to be both fun and faithful to the original animated series of Samurai Jack. Let us discuss SAMURAI JACK issue #2!

Samurai Jack 2 cover

In this issue, Jack continues on his search for the threads of time, hoping to rewind them into the rope of time and rewind himself into the past. Jack uses his strand of the rope to lead him to a small shanty town, where he believes he will find more strands of the rope of time.

Samurai jack 2-1

He finds that the town is being terrorized by its would-be protectors, a pair of ninja felines by the name’s of Dis and Dat. The ninjas demand a fee for Jack to even enter the town, which he refuses to pay as he has no money and because the felines are only acting as bullies. When he refuses, the felines challenge him to a duel.

Samurai jack 2-2

The felines prove to be quite the challenge for Jack to face as their moves work in perfect tandem with one another. They are perfectly synchronized in their assault and quickly toss him off a cliff and into a lake, disgracing Jack and banning him from the town.

Samurai jack 2-3

When Jack awakens from the lake his strand of the time rope begins to display images, replaying his fight with the twins to him on an ethereal television screen. The strand reveals that the strands Jack is searching for are woven into the clothing of the two felines, which allows them to stay in synch with one another. Armed with this new knowledge, Jack challenges the cats once again.

Samurai jack 2-4

Unaware of his new knowledge, the cats greatly underestimate Jack and are taken by complete surprise when Jack begins to slice at their vestments. With their clothing torn, the spell of the strands is broken, leaving the twins uncoordinated and vulnerable to Jack’s attacks. The battle is won and the people of the town rejoice that they are free from the oppression of the brothers. They ask what their savior may want in return, and he only asks to take the vestments of the brothers for the strands and leaves heroically into the sunset.

I am honestly in awe of this comic. Writer Jim Zub has done a great job with the two issues (issue #1 review here) so far. They have felt like such an amazing representation of the animated series, capturing its essence and tone perfectly. While there weren’t as many references and jokes in this issue as last, it was still quite enjoyable, feeling exactly like an episode of the long lost show of the early 2000’s.  The art is gritty and stylistic in tone, a perfect match for Jack, and I hope this book continues to amaze me for a long time to come.


-Gritty and appropriate artwork brings our Samurai to life on the page

-A fast paced tale that does not drag its feet

-A perfect  continuation to the TV series thus far.


-The translation of the fight scenes from show to comic is still somewhat iffy, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Rating: 5/5


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