Review: All New X-Men # 20

After the events of “Battle of the Atom”, I honestly stopped reading the All New X-Men title. The characters took such an unnecessary and unwarranted turn that it killed all interest in the book for me. However, due to this past week being the amazing day of Christmas, there are no new issues for me to look upon for you this week. I forced myself to read the most recent issue of the All New X-Men, so I could tell you faithful readers my opinion on this new story arc. What do I think of All New X-Men #20?

All-New X-Men 20 cover

This book is dreadful. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!

But seriously, I have some major issues with this book, and I plan to explain each and every one of them to you.

We begin this book by skipping an obviously exciting story of how a wounded X-23 was captured by the All New X-Men and brought back to Scott Summers’s compound for treatment. Instead, we skip to X-23 waking up on an operating table.

all new x-men 20 1

When she notices she is in a Weapon X compound, she is understandably suspicious of the young X-Men team and breaks free from the compound. She is followed by Scott and tracked by Jean grey via telepathy.

This raises another issue I have in regards to this book. No matter how many times she is told or warned against it, Jean Grey consistently reads the minds of everyone she meets. Not only this, she does so without the other person’s consent. It is a gross invasion of privacy, and a lesson that the original Jean Grey understood and respected. This Jean peers into peoples’ thoughts at any given moment.

all new x-men 20 4

Getting back to the story, when X-23 breaks out of the facility, she is met by the young Scott Summers who attempts to calm her down. While this plan is stupid, it strangely works, and Laura decides not to spill Scott’s guts across the snowy mountainside. He continues to speak to her, trying to get her to trust him and understand that he only wants to help her.

It is also in this scene that we see that young Scott Summers, A.K.A. Cyclops, has a crush on the female teenage genetic clone of Wolverine. I don’t think I need to explain why this sounds wrong, do I? If you weren’t a fan of comic books, you would think this was nothing more than some kind of messed up Rule 34/63 fan fic about Logan and Scott.

Once again returning to the story, the group had originally found X-23 when she was being hunted by a group of religious extremists against mutants, a group called the Purifiers. This group is apparently being led by the son of William Stryker, a man famous for his involvement in the Weapon X project.

all new x-men 20 6

After they compare notes, the group decides to launch a strike against the Purifiers in order to stop them before more innocent mutants come to harm.

The real kicker here though is that it appears that the son of Stryker himself is actually a mutant. And for all of his anti-mutants religious jargon, he is nothing more than a scared hypocrite.

This seems to be a running theme with the X-Men as of late, and the reason I have stopped reading most X-books that don’t revolve around the Jean Grey School. The “heroes” and the villains are all hypocrites trying to shove their idealistic views upon a populace. Scott is a hypocrite, Jean doesn’t understand boundaries, and Stryker is just plain insane.

I do NOT recommend this title, nor the UNCANNY X-Men series.


-The artwork is great in most spots, especially during action sequences


-Unclear character motivations

-Appearing and disappearing amnesia

-Jean Grey

-A story that skips necessary bits and skims over its own plot

Rating: 1/5


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