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Green Arrow #31 cover

After a shocking six months full of twists and turns, “The Outsiders War” finally comes to an end this month with Green Arrow #31. How does the conclusion of this latest arc of DC’s best series turn out? Let’s gather our Totem Weapons for Green Arrow #31!

Everything since issue #17 built towards this moment, as Oliver enters his final confrontation with The Outsiders. A former enemy become an ally, trusted allies fall, and battle rages as Green Arrow is forced to make a decision which will shape his destiny. Meanwhile, a villain in Seattle continues his ascension, and it seems the Emerald Archer can’t return home soon enough.

Green Arrow #31 continues to exemplify some of what makes this series one of my top reads each month. Starting with the art, Andrea Sorrentino continues to blow my mind with each new issues, using creative layouts and gorgeous scenes to draw readers into the grim streets of Prague. The art has a definite cinematic feel, especially a mind-blowing two page spread at the issue’s beginning. Marcelo Maiolo, a colorist among colorists, lends his deft palette to Sorrentino’s twisted style, bringing forth a cohesive whole with page after page that could make a perfect poster. I’m going to come right out and say it: the art in this comic is iconic. And if you’ve never seen it? You need to check it out.

Onyx and Katana get ready to square off as the Fist meets the Sword.

Onyx and Katana get ready to square off as the Fist meets the Sword.

Jeff Lemire’s weaved together some astonishing and intriguing mythology since his run on this title began. He’s positioned numerous key players over the last year, and now many of their threads are coming together, or even unwinding entirely. I’ve absolutely loved the “Outsiders War” arc…which is why I must say that this issue did let me down a little. As the conclusion of the arc, I of course expected a bombastic finale with battles, heart-break, and revelations. And while all these things did indeed occur, the pacing of this issue felt too quick. So much happens in such little time that I almost wish things could slow down a little bit an explain more about the situations occurring. Nevertheless, Lemire’s trademark wit shines through, and it still is rather amazing that the story isn’t jumbled despite such a wide cast. Still, I feel an extra issue for this arc would have been beneficial.

Green Arrow #31 gives fans a solid finish for “The Outsiders War.” If you’ve been reading from the beginning of Sorrentino and Lemire’s run, you’ll like what it offers. Regrettably, this chapter did feel a little rushed, but it’s still a great read and has me very excited for the next arc. This isn’t a good place to jump on, but I encourage everybody to go back and read this run starting with “The Kill Machine.” Green Arrow has a lot to offer fans of any genre.


-amazing artwork from Sorrentino and Maiolo

-balances a wide cast

-great dialogue

-cool teases for the next arc


-feels somewhat rushed, and an extra issue would probably have been beneficial

-resolution isn’t that satisfying

Rating: 4/5


Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. He’s a little bummed the Mask Clan didn’t get their own special cover.

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