Review: Deadpool #35

Deadpool seems to be the hot topic ONCE AGAIN my friends. This past month, Deadpool’s movie has FINALLY been green-lit by Fox and will be hitting theaters in February 2016. But before we see him on the big screen, maybe you will want to see what Deadpool has been up to in the page’s of the ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! comics.

The merc with the mouth has certainly had a VERY busy year, between his abductions, his marriage, and discovering he has a long lost love child? Yes it sounds like a soap opera, but it’s WAY more interesting than that. But before Deadpool can finally live happily ever after with his new wife and daughter, he must first ensure her continued safety, as well as the safety of some of his newest friends, which he made when he was abducted and brought to North Korea. His story continues in the pages of DEADPOOL #35.

Deadpool 35 cover

Just with the first few pages, we get a glimpse of how Deadpool’s relationship with his daughter has progressed since he saved her from being kidnapped by U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. He doesn’t lie to his daughter, or misdirect her: he is honest, yet careful about HOW he tells her what she wants to know. however, he still manages to pull a few obvious dad tropes as he basically tells her she can’t come to his and Shiklah’s home until she’s 40.

After wishing his daughter a good night’s rest, he quickly makes his way to the Jean Grey School, where he is greeted by Storm. She isn’t ecstatic that wade is in her school, and even less so when she finds him speaking with Evan, a.k.a. Kid Apocalypse. Evan and Wade shared a bond in the pages of Uncanny X-Force that has since resonated strongly between them every time they can possibly interact. Storm however, REFUSES to let him near any of the students, regardless of his good intentions. (Something tells me that Storm didn’t get the memo on how Wade is more than a mindless lunatic nowadays.)

Her tone quickly changes when she learns the extent of why Deadpool’s friends are being welcomed to the Jean Grey School by Logan…

Deadpool 35-1

Deadpool’s friends are the test subjects he met in North Korea during the “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” storyline. They were mutated using Deadpool’s DNA, and splicing their own with his, as well as the DNA of other X-Men.

Over the course of the past few months, no longer being stuck in the test facility, they have rapidly begun to deteriorate, and are literally falling apart at the seems. They have now been brought to the X-Mansion for Beast to examine them and attempt to help them in any way he can. The test subjects cannot thank Deadpool, or the X-Men enough for their help, and with this action, Wade has hopefully given a different impression of his character to the X-team.

Deadpool 35-2

Somebody whose opinion likely WON’T change anytime soon, however, will be Dracula. Dracula has yet to forgive Deadpool for stealing his bride-to-be Shiklah, yet he still cannot attack Deadpool directly. During their first battle, Wade managed to stab Dracula with his own severed limb (which grew back a few moments later WOOT HEALING FACTOR). Since then, Dracula has been stuck in intensive care after having been infected with Deadpool’s blood. However, there are other ways to skin a merc, like buying an old school Spider-Slayer on eBay!

Dracula bought a refurbished Spider-Slayer and reprogrammed it to attack Deadpool. The Spider-Slayer easily shows its age however, as Deadpool EASILY manages to melt down the machine before it has a chance to cause any REAL damage.

Deadpool 35-3

Once Wade deals with Dracula, he returns to his new home across the street from his daughter where he lays in wait, watching over his daughter in case she is ever targeted. He is soon contacted by his wife who is reasonably PISSED at Wade for being gone as long as he has. She is even more upset at the fact that he is watching over his “bastard” when he could be “MAKING rightful heirs” with her. The two ARE still technically in the honeymoon stage. She does eventually forgive him, but their conversation is cut short by an emergency call from the X-Men.

This book continues to entertain and show off Wade as the deep and interesting character that he truly is. The art style is as consistently good as it has been since the “GBU” arc, and the writing shows no signs of slowing down. Deadpool’s antics are still hilarious, but the writing seems to know just when a joke is needed, when when the scene must be taken seriously. My biggest and ONLY complaint is that Shiklah’s artwork depicts her in a very bad way. The artwork makes her out to resemble a truly EVIL figure. While she IS a succubus, and a demon for all intents and purposes, she is far from a malevolent being. I only hope that the artwork does not act as foreshadowing of events to come for her character.


-A serious yet engaging story

-First act of a promising new arc

-A check-in with Shiklah

-gritty and great artwork.


-Shiklah’s wife is being made to look overly evil

-Why does everyone STILL hate deadpool? DID THEY NOT GET THE MEMO FROM CAP AND LOGAN?!?!??!?!?

Rating: 4.5/5


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