Review: Avengers World #1

What is the point of the Avengers? The Avengers are a group of heroes banding together to stop disasters and super villains that can’t be taken down by any single hero. They work together to achieve a higher goal. They accomplish their most amazing feats when they coordinate and work as a team or TEAMS considering how MANY Avengers there are.

The sad part is that many Avenger titles over the past few years have only focused on a single cell of Avengers, usually borrowing members from other Avenger groups or other teams like the X-Men or Fantastic Four. To my knowledge, no Avenger book in recent history has seen the Avengers for what they truly CAN be: a global task force. I am happy to see they have finally realized this in today’s premiere issue of Avengers World #1!

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Avengers World opens up with Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers discussing the press release sent out by S.H.I.E.L.D. regarding the renewed cooperation between themselves and the Avengers. Apparently, Director Maria Hill wants as much good PR as possible. Rogers doesn’t seem to care about their political agenda, so long as they are still there to protect people, which is what we immediately see happen.

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Throughout the world, several disasters are taking place simultaneously, something that is usually only handled in event comics. Though, when one thinks about it, this makes a LOT more sense. Is it believable to think that global threats don’t overlap one another? NO! And I LOVE IT that a writer finally realizes this.

Captain America coordinates several groups of Avengers to deal with the multiple disasters. One team is sent to Madripoor to contain mass riots, another to Italy to investigate an eery disappearance, and another team to contain damage caused by a series of earthquakes and hurricanes along the U.S. East Coast.

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After some quick work by Bruce Banner and a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. science officers, they discover that the natural disasters plaguing the east coast are actually being caused by activity happening on AIM Island. The island itself was expanding and growing naturally at an accelerated rate.

Simultaneously, Madripoor has practically gone up in flames due to a riot generated by the ninja clan of the Hand and their new leader, the Gorgon. The Gorgon was previously one of the heads of Hydra, but he appears to have his sights set much higher now, as he is conducting a ceremony to raise a mighty dragon from the earth.

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This book seems to plan on balancing three different story lines at once, quite the task but not impossible if handled correctly. This book sets a good tone for what it plans to do; while other team books (and even other Avenger books) seem to be more about the individual characters and their relationships, this book plans to take a BIG PICTURE approach to the Marvel Universe. While many I’m sure would prefer character development, this story is enticing enough to stand without too much of it.

We received some development between Steve, Bruce and Maria at the beginning of the issue, and it seems as if they will be the centerpieces of this book. While there will be droves of other Avengers out doing the footwork, the strategists and the egg heads will lead from their HQ, much in the way how Zordon would lead the Power Rangers.

All in all, this book has promise, and I look forward to reading more. If you want a book that’s heavy on character, stay away, but if you want a story that will hold your attention with action, I think this title will satisfy.


-The artwork is great and holds a serious tone, giving this a STRICTLY BUSINESS type of feel.

-The story will hold your attention if you enjoy action.

-Triple plot lines can be fun.


-Lacking in character moments, aside from the bits with Cap and Bruce.

-Dragged slightly in order to set up our setting and atmosphere for this story.

Rating: 4/5


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