Review: All-New Invaders #1

The Invaders were one of the first superhero teams to ever exist in the Marvel Universe. This power house consisted of the ORIGINAL Human Torch, the Sea King Namor, and the star spangled patriot Captain America. The team operated during the 1940’s and fought against groups such as Hydra and the Nazis before eventually fizzling out. This was mostly due to Captain America’s freezing, amongst other characters becoming more popular.

In recent years, however, Namor, Captain America, and even his sidekick Bucky Barnes, now the Winter Soldier, have been operating on their own and have fought with and against one another. Yet Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, had more or less disappeared. Until of course he was brought in to join the Secret Avengers by Captain America. After a few missions on his team, he eventually decided to lay low once again, and went to live in a small town in the middle of Dustbowl U.S.A.. This is where this new story begins, in the ALL NEW INVADERS #1!

invaders cover

Jim Hammond, a synthetic humanoid, and the the original Human Torch, has been working as a mechanic in a small town, gaining friends, while trying to understand his role in life. A simple existence, but a happy one. However, this happy existence is VIOLENTLY interrupted by the appearance of a Kree warrior in search of the Human Torch. The Kree warrior sat in wait for Jim at his place of work, and stood over the corpse of his friend and employer.

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Angry and enraged at the Kree warrior, Jim unleashes his Torch powers and threw the first punch, sending the alien woman flying from his garage. While Jim is revealed to the people of the town, they make sure to stay out of both his and the alien’s way as they slowly turn the town into a battle zone. However, The Kree is not here only to start a battle; she is here for information, and it is information that Jim doesn’t even know he has.

The alien draws a weapon, and blasts Jim with it, causing him to be shown a vision of a time he doesn’t remember. It was a battle against Hydra and a group of Nazi soldiers during the 1940’s. While he is able to place the battle in terms of setting, he cannot recall taking part in this particular conflict.

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It is revealed that the Invaders were sent to fight this cell if Hydra agents, as they had somehow managed to gain control of HELA, the Norse goddess of the underworld, and daughter of Tom Hiddleston Loki. This is not the only revelation this vision provides Jim however. It is revealed that he is not the only one being shown these images, as it appears both Namor, and the Winter Soldier are taking part in this vision as well, considering they were also involved in these events. And to compound things even further, it is revealed that a Golden Age superhero by the name of Major Liberty also took part in this fight.

Major Liberty has not seen comic print since the 1940’s, as he was a silly golden age hero who never seemed to grow past the Second World War. But it is here in January 2014, that we are shown the ultimate fate of Major John Liberty, as he has his life force ripped from him by Hela.

Unsure of what he saw in the vision, Jim slowly regains his bearings as the Kree warrior explains what she wants.

invaders 1-3

It appears that Jim took part in a clandestine mission in the 1940’s, where his group discovered that Hydra had created a device which could take control of a God. After the mission, the weapons were scattered, and now, she seeks to control this device. However, before she could continue questioning Jim for more information that he doesn’t think he even has…

invaders 1-4

Who should come to the rescue, and end the issue, but his friends Captain America, and the Winter Soldier!

This issue sets up what I am hoping to be an AMAZING book. For those, like myself, who are unfamiliar with Jim Hammond, the Human Torch, we are given a significant insight into his character, and how he perceives himself, and the world around him. Also, for those unsure of his origins, we are given a look at what his exploits were like back during the golden age of comics, and his heyday.

I am unsure what this book will entail for the characters of Namor and Winter Soldier, as their situations in the current Marvel universe are rather sordid and…strange, at best. But if this book is meant as a tool to reintroduce the character of Jim Hammond to the mainstream marvel universe, I can guarantee it will do just that, as they have already gained a new Jim Hammond fanboy in THIS reader.


-The re-introduction of a classic character and his perspective/motivations

-Clear statement of what this story arc will revolve around

-A wonderful nod to Golden Age comics and their characters with the inclusion of Major Liberty

-The reforming of a classic team


-Why use the Kree for this story? Why not Hydra?

Rating: 4.5/5


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