Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #42

It is the end of an era…or at least a comic run. Wolverine and the X-Men has been a fun and interesting book from beginning to end. From the Hellfire Club, to AVX, to the Battle of the Atom, through its ups and downs, this title has stood tall as one of the best X-Men books published by Marvel.

And so at the end of its 42 issue run, the Jean Grey School caps off the end of its school year. Students are graduating, new X-Men are joining the ranks, and we are given a glimpse into one of the many futures of this mutant school and our favorite Headmaster. This is Wolverine and the X-men #42!

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The Jean Grey School is prepared to send off its graduating class. Everyone from Pixie to Armor to even Anole are here, and they’er all ready to graduate, though some are more happy than others. While the likes of Shark Girl, Kid Apocalypse, and Idie Okonkwo are enjoying the festivities, there are some who would prefer to be burning down the school altogether. Quentin Quire, mutant terrorist and overall delinquent, sits and laments. He wonders why he hasn’t done anything bad for so long, why he feels as if he belongs. He WANTS to be the loner, the rebel, the bad guy, but his time at the school has changed him…

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Changed him so much apparently that he has even earned his diploma in the eyes of his teachers/prison wardens.

But truthfully, the story and heart of this issue lies not in the present, but in the future. Throughout the book, we receive flashes to the far future where Logan has finally decided to close the Jean Grey School.

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A geriatric Logan roams the halls one last time as he shuts down all of the school’s systems. He is accompanied by his star pupil, Idie, and his miniature companions, the Bamfs. Idie keeps trying to remind Logan of all the good that his school did, how many lives it changed. Logan looks throughout the school and foreshadows events to come regarding fan favorite characters as he says, “Might be we changed a few too many.”

Idie eventually leaves Logan to finish closing up shop, as she has her duties as a full time X-Man to attend to. Logan and the Bamfs gather in his office and raise a toast of whiskey to the school. But before they can drink, he has one last visitor to contend with before he can officially close shop. One of his oldest students and biggest pains in his rear…

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QUENTIN QUIRE, the new Phoenix. Quire spends a good amount of time poking and prodding at his teacher, musing about how he believed he would be the one to destroy the school, not that the school would eventually just fall over and die. Logan stands there wishing that Quentin would quit his gloating and get it over with already. Quentin is about to leave Logan to wallow in his memories, but he has one last prank for his old teacher…

wolverine & x-men 42.4

As he leaves, Quentin opens the doors sending in a flood of new students he brought with him. After an adventure with the Fantastic Four, he was put in charge of finding a place for new applicants to the Future Foundation school. He agreed to help out, but only for the mutant half which was comprised of several million students.

This was JUST the kind of thing Logan needed to break his depressive funk. He gladly takes in these students and reopens the school once again!

This book was amazing way to cap off this series. It showcased the kind of heart this book had. Great character moments come one after another in both the future and present day events. While the future events may not actually come to be, since the X-Men have shown time and time again that the future is always changing, they are still heart-filled sequences which work great here. The book keeps the present day narrative to a minimum because it knows where the true heart of its story lies and where it will strike the reader emotions the hardest.

If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend picking it up when it hits a full trade series; it’s worth every cent.


-An ending this book needed.

-Great character moments.

-A look into a bright and fun future which may or may not come to be.


-The art style seem to alternate throughout the book. It isn’t very drastic until you come to the last two pages, which hit you hard and give you whiplash with the style change.

Rating: 5/5


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