Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise #28

With the end of Dark Cybertron, a New Age dawns upon the Transformers. Gone is the tyranny of Megatron, and Shockwave; the Autobots have finally reclaimed control of their world…but at a cost. Trust is in very short supply these days. Starscream has been elected the leader of Iacon, and Megatron is put in charge of an expedition of Autobots sent into deep space. Needless to say, some people are not too pleased with these choices of command. Many Autobots are quite vocal about their displeasure with who has been put in charge, but one group that has not been heard by the Autobots yet is the humans of Planet Earth. Well, they shall soon hear their opinions, as Optimus prime and his team of Autobots race to Earth in search of any remaining Transformers, in hopes of bringing them back home in today’s issue.

TF-RID cover

Our issue opens up on Earth as we see an F-22 raptor with a very familiar color scheme flying over the snowy wilderness. The narration captions recite a rather poorly written screenplay written by our flying friend THUNDERCRACKER. Thundercracker appears to have been living on earth for some time, long enough to have his own hangar base to call home, and even to have a small puppy named Buster as a pet.

TF-RID 28-1

Inside his base is a woman dressed in military garb who mockingly jokes with Thundercracker regarding his attempt at a screenplay. After some joking, she states that both she, and the planet Earth require his help in order to survive. That’s QUITE a bit of trust to put into a Seeker.

TF-RID 28-2

Meanwhile, en route to planet Earth, Optimus Prime and his convoy of Autobots make their way to Earth, but are intercepted by planetary defenses that threaten to destroy their ship. They decide to send their main ship to retreat and board the dinosaur space shuttle transformer SKYLYNX…it was from G1, just roll with it.

The group boards him and makes their way to the planet to investigate a Cybertronian signal that had been tracked back to earth. The group exposits about their feelings regarding the new regime and all of the dissent within the ranks of the Autobots.

Once on Earth, Optimus’ team splits up to investigate the signals, and Optimus’ splinter team discovers Thundercracker’s hangar. They inform him of the end of the war and Megatron’s defection to the Autobots. Thundercracker can barely process this information…

TF-RID 28-3

Before Galvatron arrives to ambush the Autobots with Soundwave, Blitzwing, the Cassetticons, and the Constructicon’s in tow! Thundercracker appears distraught at the battle now unfolding in front of him, as he wants nothing to do with any of it. Noticing this, Optimus opts to take the battle outside of Thundercracker’s home. This was not a good choice either…

TF-RID 28-4

For outside awaited a veritable army of Earth military awaiting them. They reveal themselves to be the Earth Defense C0mmand, and they have an Alliance with the Decepticons. After receiving news that the Autobots had allowed the war criminal MEGATRON into their ranks, Earth decided to join forces with anyone who stood against the interstellar tyrant.

This book just drops you STRAIGHT into the action. IDW has advertised this as well as More than Meets the Eye #28 as jumping on points for new readers. I honestly felt somewhat lost regarding some of the dialogue and back-story being thrown at the reader. In particular, I am still UTTERLY perplexed as to why any Cybertronian would vote for Starscream as the ruler of Cybertron.

But I can understand why this dialogue and back story info was included, it is meant to grab the reader’s interest and get them to look  into the back issues of the series prior to this issue. While some of the back story sounds interesting, I think I’ll just stick to Wikipedia recaps. As for the series going forward? I believe this book has potential, but I am honestly more-so looking forward to More than Meets the Eye #28.


-Great artwork on the transformers

-A solid jumping on point


-Adorable characterization for Thundercracker


-The artwork on the human and dog characters appears mushy and unfinished compared to the Transformers

-The reader feels bombarded by back-story and can’t enjoy what’s in front of them.

Rating: 3/5


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