Review: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #28

Last week I imparted upon you my thoughts of the newest entry into the Transformers: Robots in Disguise comic series. While the book seemed to be setting up for an interesting story that will continue onward into the future, there was little to hold me onto the book and little desire to stay long enough to see those stories happen. I was told by a few fans of the series, that Robots in Disguise and its sister series More Than Meets the Eye are VASTLY different books, with most fans leaning towards enjoying the latter title. After reading this month’s issue, I can see EXACTLY why they say that. Hopefully my review can shed some light upon WHY this book is considered superior to its brethren, and I can share with you what truly makes it special. This is Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #28.

TF-MTMTE 28 cover

Before I Reveal the plot of this book, I must provide you all with some back-story. The central focus of this book, has been around Rodimus Prime and his crew aboard the interstellar exploration ship, Lost Light. That’s about the BIGGEST chunk of information one would need to know in order to start reading this book. While knowing this information helps one understand the situation presented in this issue better, it is NOT necessary to understand what is transpiring, and that is how it should be. Last week, i felt COMPLETELY lost as to what was transpiring between the Transformers and the humans of Earth. In this issue everything is far better laid out for new readers to jump onto it.

ANYWAY, our issue begins proper with the newest crew members of The Lost Light acclimating to life on board the ship, while the OLD crew begins to acclimate to their new captain, MEGATRON.


Megatron is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation by the ship’s counselor, who asks several Freudian questions…oh sorry, FROIDian, in an attempt to psychoanalyze the Ex-Tyrant.

Aside from the events aboard the Lost Light, we are also shown flashbacks throughout the book to events that transpired 6 months before the present time. In these flashbacks, we are shown the events preceding the trial where Megatron was tried for his various War Crimes. Optimus, along with several other Autobots, held a meeting to discuss how they will conduct the trial to ensure no-one views it as an unfair trial.


It is here we are also given exposition to the events of this book before the DARK CYBERTRON event. This exposition is not stilted or contrived, as it is in the form of Rodimus delivering a report to his superior, Optimus Prime. Also, in delivering this exposition, we receive a charming character moment from both Optimus and Rodimus.

In fact, the entire BOOK is littered with fun quirky and well written character moments. These moments also do not detract from the story, in fact they add to it. The story is DRIVEN by the characters interactions with one another and each character’s distinct personalities. Personalities? Given to robots? In Transformers? Make sure nobody tells Michael Bay!


A decent portion of this book is taken up by introducing the reader to different characters, whilst explaining their role in the overall story of this book, and why they are here. Chromedome is tortured by the loss of his friend (husband according to Tumblr) Rewind the cassette-bot. Whirl is uncomfortable with Megatron’s presence on Lost Light because of a dark past the two share. Nautica is a reader P.O.V. character, meant to help acclimate the reader to the environment by asking the questions of a new recruit. And then there’s Swerve…nobody likes Swerve ’cause he’s the annoying prankster who is half the size of a normal car-former, and yet has an ego the size of Cybertron’s moon. But that’s why everyone NOT INSIDE the book loves him.

The final note-worthy events of this book, primarily take place during the flashbacks. Megatron’s trial has finally come about and he is brought before the stand. Optimus Prime stands as grand judge, Prowl as a VERY enthusiastic prosecutor, and Ultra Magnus as the defense attorney. Optimus has been seen conversing with Megatron, asking him to help make the proceedings easier, by submitting data files straight from Megatron’s mind. Megatron refuses, and Optimus does not go against Megatron’s wishes. The trial is expected to go on for quite some time, considering Megatron’s history, but in an unexpected twist…


Megatron pleads GUILTY to all charges! A very unexpected turn of events for the tyrant, but one that will apparently end in his eventual release from imprisonment, and sentence into service with the Autobots aboard the Lost Light as captain.

This book is honestly AMAZING. The characters are interesting, and have evident personalities. Megatron is shown as more than some dictator, but a man tortured by his past and willing to make reparations to pay for his crimes. This character driven book is not bogged down by the HUMANS+ROBOTS dynamic that usually necessary for TV or movie storylines. We are treated to the ROBOTS and THEIR characters, which are all fun and unique in their own ways.


-Great artwork, with highly detailed expressions for the Transformers

-CHARACTER DRIVEN STORY-LINE with not  a moment of boredom

-A fresh, unexplored path for Megatron

-Great character moments, and shout-outs to the storyline prior to this issue


-If you haven’t been reading this book, new readers can be easily confused

Rating: 5/5


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