Review: Superior Iron Man #2

The fury of AXIS has spread its event title tendrils throughout the entirety of the Marvel Universe; it has even gone as far as to spawn whole new titles from its wake. AXIS has gone about turning our most treasured heroes into despicable villains, and vice versa. So many heroes have been caught in this event’s power, but none seem to be affected more severely than our dear billionaire playboy philanthropist, TONY STARK.

In his new on-going title, Tony has already claimed San Francisco as the new Stark utopia, where he spreads his new FREEMIUM mobile app which delivers physical perfection to anyone who uses it. So basically, Tony Stark plans to take over the world with “flappy birds.” The sad fact is that he is SUCCEEDING! But SF is home to more heroes than just Stark, and Daredevil is not happy with Tony’s new business practices. How will he react? Let’s find out!

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Our issue begins with the TRUE hero of San Francisco, Daredevil, patrolling the streets. Over the past few nights, he has found more and more people trying to rob and extort in order to achieve the perfection that they desire with the use of the Extremis app. The Extremis app requires a daily fee of $100 in order to stay active, and allow people to maintain their physical perfection. Sadly, when people are forced to rob one another for a petty app fee, it starts to become rather sad and depressing, which forces Daredevil’s hand and brings him to Tony’s doorstep, where he engages the former hero and shrewd businessman.

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No sooner does he arrive than he tossed off of Stark’s new island mansion. A mansion which sits atop Alcatraz Island, by the way. The next day, Tony decides that it is time he make a public appearance. and with his appearance, he has offered great benefits to those who come out to see him: free reloads on the Extremis app for 24 hours to anyone who comes within a 5 mile radius of him. However, not all of the demonstrators are there to greet him kindly. One such man came with the express purpose of righting the wrong Tony had perpetrated on the city. The man’s son was caught no more than 24 hours earlier having attempted to rob a woman so he could pay for his Extremis fix.

Superior Iron-man-2-2

The man promptly decides to take this meeting opportunity to SHOOT TONY STARK IN THE FACE! Sadly for all of us, this attempt is ill conceived as Tony’s new suit is far from defensless, even with his faceplate open. A new design feature added to his personal symbiote infused Armor is the use of a transparent helmet which shields his face from injury, yet allows him to show off his smug face to the world. Tony then takes the man by his hand, forcing him into the air where he discusses the man’s situation, as well as his addict son’s legal predicament as well. Tony promises to make the entire situation disappear as long as he plays along and uses the Extremis app in front of the crowd. Left with no choice, the man downloads the app and assumes his new physical perfection as Daredevil watches them, grudgingly.

Left with no other option, Matt Murdock undergoes the rather simple task of kidnapping a drunken, over partied and passed out Tony Stark from his own manor. He then takes him well out of range of electronic communication, and attempts to interrogate him. However, said interrogation goes south when Tony explains that his armor can find him anywhere on the planet, not because it can use satellite or radar, but because the symbiote infused in the armor is physically and psionically connected with him. This leads to Daredevil’s downfall, and subsequently his OWN capture. DAMN, Tony turned the tables quickly.

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However, that is not all Tony has managed to turn. When Matt awakes from his slumber, he finds himself in his bedroom with Tony Stark wearing his blind-man sunglasses. But what is even more startling about this revelation is that he can SEE Tony wearing his glasses. Tony managed to restore Matt’s sight.

This issue was filled with some amazing development in regards to Tony’s story in the new world of AXIS. He is truly making his own rather enthralling story in the wake of this event. While most heroes have remained quite connected with the main story of AXIS, Tony has LITERALLY gone off the reservation and moved in his own direction. The artwork in these past two issues has been stellar, and the story itself is quite compelling and makes me wonder how this will affect all parties involved. how will Matt react to his new found sight? How will Pepper manage to bring Tony back under control? And what plans are in store for Tony’s Classic Iron Man armor? This book does everything to keep me interested and make me want to read it more, and I cannot ask for anything else from a book.


-Egotistical Tony is always fun to watch

-Daredevil manages to make this issue all his own, without diminishing the title

-Great artwork that distinguishes each character from one another, and comes off as highly detailed and polished.



Rating: 5/5


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