Review: Uncanny Avengers #1 (post AXIS re-launch)

In the fallout of AXIS, the Avengers and the X-Men have all been brought down a peg in one way or another. Every hero who was inverted was shaken to their core. Lives were lost, trust was broken, and secrets were revealed…SOME REALLY STUPID SECRETS! One of the subplots which were accomplished through AXIS was the “revelation” of the Maximoff lineage. According to Rick Remender and Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are NOT in fact the children of Magneto.

Remender continues to develop this story through the pages of the newly relaunched Uncanny Avengers title. This book took a few months off during the AXIS event, but as opposed to continuing,iIt seems Marvel decided to push another January #1 instead. What does this new book feel like…Well…Lemme just clue you in on my thoughts.

uncanny avengers 1-cover

Our title starts off on a rather strange note: Wanda and Pietro are investigating their origins and what the truth behind their lineage is. While this is fine and good, they are doing so on a planet called COUNTER-EARTH. Counter-Earth is a planet exactly opposite Earth, behind the Sun, on Earth’s gravitational ring. The creatures present on this planet? I could only describe them as FURRIES: humanoid animals who speak English and act and dress like normal people.Wanda and Pietro assault several mercenary furries only to be ultimately attacked and subdued by an unknown figure.

uncanny avengers 1-1

This is when we are introduced to our new Uncanny team. Over the course of the past few months, numerous events have forced certain members of the Uncanny Avengers away, be it the death of Wolverine, the aging of Steve Rogers, the defection of Havok (and subsequent kidnapping of his wife, Wasp), or the transformation and reconstitutions of Sunfire and Wonderman. Basically…the uncanny team got SCREWED over ROYALLY last year, and nearly the entire original team, save for Rogue (+Wonderman) and Wanda.

The new team is made up of Sam Wilson (Captain America), Brother Voodoo, The Vision, and Sabertooth. While the inclusion of Sam Wilson needs little explanation, and Vision’s motivations for joining the team searching for his ex-wife is understandable, the rest of the group seems rather strange and ultimately unexplained.

While Brother Voodoo has worked alongside the Avengers in the past, he has had next to no REAL connection with the Uncanny Avengers, unless you count his minimal involvement in AXIS. Sabertooth is also a strange choice. While Victor Creed is currently a heroic character, thanks to the events of AXIS, he is still far from a trusted and reliable friend to the Avengers. This is demonstrated by Rogue and company requested Brother Voodoo hold Creed by a literal mystical leash to ensure his cooperation.

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These characters are not bad, and make for an interesting team, however the book does little to explain why they were brought together for the mission to find Wanda and Pietro. Granted they reveal they have a specific FUNCTION within the group that is helpful to their cause, but that does not mean they would necessarily be the first people to be called by the Avengers.

The group travels to the only location they believe could provide any clues to where Wanda and Pietro have disappeared to, the Mountain of Wundagore. The team discovers that Wanda and Pietro used the technology in Wundagore to transport themselves to Counter-Earth, in search of someone who may have answers to their heritage. The group quickly gives chase but are interrupted by a security drone. The interruption causes a rather cliche separation of the party, causing them all to ARRIVE on Counter Earth, but not as a group, ending up in completely separate areas from one another.

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THIS particular aspect of the story confounds, confuses, and infuriates me. Not the cliche separation, but the implementation of WUNDAGORE in this story at all. At present, the New Warriors currently use Wundagore as their main base of operations. The use of this area as their base would mean that, should Pietro and Wanda come knocking, the Warriors would quickly have called in the Avengers. However, the new Warriors are not even MENTIONED in this story. Perhaps this is due to the cancellation of their on-going title? Or are the New Warriors all dead except for Kaine? (As seen in Spider-verse #1). I find both of these reasons to be unlikely, and thus we come to my final verdict.

This issue felt rushed and lazy. While I understand the need to explore this new story involving Pietro and Wanda’s parentage, it should be MORE important to handle such a DELICATE topic with care and precision. People are ALREADY angry with Rick Remender over his work on AXIS and the destruction of the Maximoff family tree, so why not be careful about it?

The characters are given no reason to associate with one another (outside of function), a new status quo is set up in the blink of an eye without being given any reason why, and the plot appears to move at a million miles a second. Yet at the same time, nothing seems to be happening. This book simultaneously accomplishes too much, and not enough. I do NOT recommend this book unless you truly need to know what the ultimate fate of the Maximoff family will be.


-Daniel Acuna’s dark yet detailed art style is always good to see in a grittier team book

-Wanda and Pietro’s costume re-designs are interesting.


-Too much plot happens in such a short span of time, that the reader is give a sense of overload

-The new team is just tossed together with no true rhyme or reason

-The New Warriors are completely ignored

-The Maximoff story-line should not be happening in the first place

Rating: 2/5


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